Monday, July 29, 2013

System of a Down, Hollywood Bowl (video)

WARNING: Language! Rock am Ring, Nürburgring. Footage by Plus 1 Live, German TV, 2011.

SET TIMES: 00:00 Prison Song; 03:25 Soldier Side Intro; 04:20 B.Y.O.B.; 08:44 I-E-A-I-A-I-O; 12:30 Needles; 15:40 Deer Dance; 18:50 Radio/Video; 23:05 Hypnotize; 27:02 Question!; 30:55 Suggestions; 33:25 Psycho; 37:45 Chop Suey!; 41:00 Lonely Day; 43:50 Bounce; 45:43 Kill Rock 'n Roll; 48:24 Lost in Hollywood; 53:50 Forest; 57:45 Science; 1:00:19 Darts; 1:03:20 Aerials; 1:07:00 Tentative; 1:10:35 Cigaro; 1:14:29 Suite-Pee; 1:16:52 War?; 1:20:50 Toxicity; 1:24:26 Sugar.

System of a Down (with lead vocalist Serj Tankian having officially released his "Orca Symphony No.1" recently) will be bringing down the legendary Hollywood Bowl tonight. Wisdom Quarterly will be in attendance to keep the peace. And to hear some more or less conscious music. And to see what happens when everyone rebels and tries to mosh among bolted down seats.

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