Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Activate your Third Eye (pineal gland)

Dev, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; EpicAsiaTravel.com
Buddha eyes, awakening, Nepal window, Kathmandu (epicasiatravel.com)

If the mystical "third eye" (Buddhist dibba cakkhu, Vedic agna chakra) is the small powerhouse between and just above the eyes -- the largely dormant pineal gland with its light receptors, rods, and cones -- it is going unused.
It is being calcified so as to keep us unaware of our abilities and a transcendent reality all around us.

Nine dharani (Akuppa/flickr.com)
There are ranges along the spectrum of light we should be able to see, as many humans and animals already can. There is a "knowing" accessible to us, which we should be able to access, as many now do. How will we realize our potential.
Meditation, or inner-silence and attentiveness, is a start. It is wise to accompany it with physical activities such as fasting, a proper (low burden) diet, sunshine, fresh air and deep breathing, and detoxing.

(MaNithya Sudevi) Balance left- and right-brain thinking. Coloring or writing a story, like playing spontaneous music, brings us into a more vivid and aware state of being, a state of creative awareness.
Golden Buddha, Patan Museum, Nepal
Fluoride -- as toothpaste, municipal water, fluoxetine (a.k.a. Prozac), antiperspirant, deodorant, or a dangerous industrial byproduct and chemtrail ingredient -- is a major culprit in ossifying the pineal gland. Here is a regimen to reawaken potential and prepare for spiritual development. In Buddhism the body does not oppose the mind. Siddhartha's great insight after years of trying to subdue the body was to recognize and harmonize the interdependence of the Five Aggregates ("body" as four elements and "mind" as four processes, composed of transcient kalapas and cittas). The body supports what we do and intend, for good or ill.

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