Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is the Pineal Gland? (Edgar Cayce)

Dev, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; David Wilcock (Edgar Cayce),
Wanderer awakening (
LOOK within. The creator is not some Sky Daddy looking down from space to condemn everyone for the "bad" things we do. We are on a journey. When we start searching within, in search of ourselves, we find the divine. St. Issa said, "If the EYE be single, the body be filled with light." Inner vision is the more important of the two. What comes within the third eye's field is more significant than what we behold all day long. St. Issa also said, "Practice with the single EYE." We are all One (connected, in the same boat, composed of the same material, contemplating the same questions and worries and more or less the same joys and aspirations, and are able to tap into the same universal or collective mind. This beautiful human body is a temple. (Even when it's ugly, it's a temple). Who goes to church? That is not the place of wholeness or holiness.
If the mystical "third eye" (ancient Buddhism's dibba cakkhu, Vedic agna chakra) is the small powerhouse between and just above the eyes -- the largely dormant pineal gland with its light receptors, rods, and cones -- it is going unused.
This is a... power of a Wayfarer... [This "knowledge of the passing away and reappearance of beings" is identical with the "divine eye" (dibba-cakkhu); for details see The Path of Purification, Chp. XIII, paragraph 72ff.]
Its color corresponds to the vibration of the "third eye" (dibba cakkhu), at the agna chakra (forehead), spoken of by seers in India. Amethyst has powerfully soothing effects on its wearers. It is believed to enhance a person's...
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