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Seattle Campus Shooting, 6 Shot (video)

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Was it proving his masculinity or subjugating her femininity, what drives a mass shooter?
Police State coming: Seattle versus World Trade Organization (
Five percent or more of police are predators, according to a former San Diego police chief. How many more are sociopaths? When ununiformed criminals are induced, coached, and triggered, mayhem ensues. Police are deployed. We are locked down. Whole cities are put under martial law. The police rush in with orders to shoot anyone they see for our "protection." That's the plan. With protection like that, who needs a "lone gunman"/MC? The planners! (Occupy, Battle-of-Seattle,

Multiple people were left wounded after a shooting this afternoon at Seattle Pacific University. The Seattle PD warned that they are dealing with conflicting reports, but confirmed at least three people were injured and transported to a local hospital. Other news outlets are reporting as many as six victims were hospitalized. Although there were reports that two people were arrested, police now say they only have one suspect in custody. According to the AP, police say they have stopped searching for a second gunman, who was described as a white male wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt. According to KIRO 7, the suspect's car was registered to the parent of a Seattle Pacific University student. Students told reporters they initially thought the gunshots were a science experiment until the school went into lockdown.

1 man dies, 5 others injured in Seattle college shooting

See wounded suspect and video below.
A man in his 20s died and at least three others were hospitalized after a shooting inside an engineering building on the campus of Seattle Pacific University [SPU, a Christian school] on Thursday [June 5, 2014] afternoon [about 3:00 pm], authorities said.

Map of vicinity (Paul Duginski/
A suspect was in custody. Seattle police had initially sought a second suspect [who was part of the false flag operation before they were keyed in and told to say there was only one shooter, the lone gunman, and we venture to guess it will be a white young man on antidepressants with a history of loving guns and not talking to his neighbors with a connection to psychiatric studies either through the military, the university, or Hollywood], but later said the person in custody was the only shooter.  
As many as six people were injured, according to the Seattle Fire Department. One woman suffered life-threatening injuries. Two men suffered minor injuries and were in stable condition.

Seattle Pacific Univ. Alert announces planned prayer vigil tonight at 7:00 pm (
Many students reported that the gunshots -- heard throughout the building -- sounded like a science experiment, maybe a helium balloon popping.

But when a student in Room 136 in Otto Miller Hall went into the hallway to doublecheck, she quickly came back and offered a terse statement, "I think someone got shot," according to Blake Oliveira, who was inside the classroom... More

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1 Dead, 3 Wounded In Shooting at Seattle College Campus
One person has died in the campus shooting at Seattle Pacific University, according to Susan Gregg, a spokeswoman for Harborview Medical Center. [Original story published at 8:11 pm ET and labelled June 6 world time] A gunman opened fired Thursday [June 5 local time] at Seattle Pacific [Christian] University, wounding four people before faculty and staff disarmed him, the Seattle Police Department said. The gunman was reloading when the staff stopped him, police reported on the department's official Twitter account. The accused shooter, whose identity was not immediately released, is in custody, and no outstanding suspects are being sought, police said At least two people -- one man and one woman -- suffered life-threatening injuries, police said. Another man and woman were in stable condition, they said. The shooting began inside Otto Miller Hall, which houses the university's science, math and engineering departments. Witness Briana Clarke told CNN affiliate KOMO she was in Otto Miller Hall when she heard shots and then saw students running. "I first heard two muffled shots that I thought were two helium balloons," she said. Then she said she saw between five and seven students who appeared to be injured. The school was locked down during the shooting, and it was lifted after police cleared all the buildings on the campus. "I'm in my office with four students with the blinds closed. We're sitting on the floor with the door locked, very scared," university counselor Karen Altus told KOMO. Seattle Pacific is a Christian university with a student population of 4,270. It is located in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.

(ABC 7 Eyewitness News) Breaking news, Seattle Pacific University school shooting with multiple suspects converted into "a lone gunman" now in custody.

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