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Sex, kids, Republican "anti-party"? (comic)

Pat Macpherson, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; Tom Tomorrow (
Molesting children

Protection and prayer are important
Why do British royals, holy rollers like cardinals, and Western political elites crave pedophilia so very much? Controversial David Icke explains; the may be too disturbing to countenance or accept.

Icke has been reporting on deceased Jimmy Savile's pedophilia, child trafficking, and procurement of hapless kids for years. Yet only now with the enormous BBC scandal is Icke being taken seriously. 

An episode of the "Liberty Tactics" show features Icke ( where he discloses not only royal pedophilia that involved Princess Diana, but child abductions from orphanages and care homes, necrophilia, and abuse of mentally and physically handicapped individuals.

The BBC's Savile is notorious in England for his horrific sex abuses
‘My Body My Rights’ body art

"My Body My Rights" art

The accusations are so shocking that no right thinking person can take them seriously at first. But Icke goes deeper to implicate unseen forces inspiring this aberrant behavior that even involves killing children in rich, influential circles. These forces first inspire then enter or "possess" a person and thereby engage in the activity by proxy, ruining various lives along the way.

Did the rich and powerful not invite them in to gain such power? So is it not, in that sense and to that extent, also their karma for which they will also meet with the consequences? And when Hollywood starlets say an "Illuminati" group

Googoo-gaga. Mmmph, you smell so good, baby. You want to see GOD tonight?
Hypocritical homosexual haven the Vatican, corporate Capital of Catholicism, moves "age of consent" up from 12
I surrender. I didn't know he was 11.
(GSN) Pope Francis has announced an overhaul of the Vatican City [State] criminal code, with the age of consent raised and stiffer punishments for pedophiles within the city state. The Holy See also known as Vatican City’s equal age of consent is being raised from 12 to 18 following the announcement of an overhaul of the Catholic Church’s criminal code by Pope Francis. [Bishops, cardinals, and visiting priests have to have some limits. They can consort in nearby Rome if they don't like it.] More
[Zen Buddhist] Japan finally bans child porn
AFP (via
Kabuki, bukak', Kabukicho Red Light district, Tokyo: little Japan's huge sex industry (Alamy)
Hey, kids, want to see some anime?
Possession of child pornography has finally been made illegal in Japan, but paedophilic images in manga comic books remain legal.

Japan on Wednesday finally fell into line with other major developed countries and made the possession of child pornography illegal. But the sometimes graphic images of pedophilia in manga comic books remain legal.
The upper house of parliament voted overwhelmingly for a bill revising laws under which only the production and distribution of child pornography had been banned.

The legislation cleared the lower house earlier this month.
Campaigners had long urged Japan to toughen its stance on child pornography, complaining it was a major source of the material for global markets.
The new legislation bans possession of photographs and videos depicting real children aged below 18, but it does not include drawings or digitally-created imagery. More

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