Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What we saw at Bonnaroo 2014 (photos)

Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly; Christopher Weingarten, Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone

I was at Bonnaroo! Look at my see-thru shirt!
Bonnaroo 2014 has just come to a close. Dogs were corned, potties were ported, and the jams were indeed super. Here are the 45 best things we saw, from Kanye West's killer comeback to Skrillex's homage to music that makes people freak out, to Neutral Milk Hotel's weep-a-thon. PHOTOS

Ukrainian folkdrone Björkpunk quartet Dakhabrakha went in as unknowns but ended up with one of the most receptive crowds of the weekend (Dana Distortion/rollingstone.com)

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