Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lit Crawl L.A. 2014 (Wednesday, Oct. 22)

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What is life without creativity, art, and lit, the very core of our humanity? (

Taking literature to the streets!
Buddhist literature is the coolest lit to sit with.
"Lit Crawl" was created by San Francisco’s Litquake Literary Festival in 2004. The idea is simple: Let’s transform a "bar crawl" into a fast-paced mob scene of literary mayhem.

Can we take over a neighborhood and make pop-up events in every conceivable venue?

The liberal arts are the core of our culture.
How about bars, cafes, bookstores, the Metro, galleries, clothing boutiques, furniture showrooms, parking lots, laundromats, bowling alleys, hair salons, barbershops, plant-growing supply shops, parks, police stations, secret weapon manufacturing sites, Halloween pumpkin patches, churches, and more?

Can we invite dozens of writers to read from their works then watch hundreds of literati tromp the route and get drunk on words -- all for FREE? H*lls yeah, we can! More

Mayhem starts at 7:00 pm in 30+ locations with after party at 10:00 pm (
The international Lit Crawl phenomenon returns to L.A. this fall with the 2nd Annual Lit Crawl L.A.: NoHo on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in the North Hollywood (NoHo) Arts District! Restaurants, bars, galleries, theaters, and other hip NoHo venues are hosting an evening of innovative presentations with the best of L.A.’s literary scene sampling from throughout L.A. County. The second annual Lit Crawl is greater L.A.’s grassroots literary event and promises to be another magical, vibrant night for all! More

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"Men's Stories"[?]/Hero's Journey (Nat'l Organization for Women/Jill Soloway/Transparent)

(FD) Lit Crawl 2014 says, "Just say no to Amazon, Jill Soloway!"

(Oct. 19, 2014) Katie Crouch speaking truth to power-publishing in the 21st century... Attention, Jill Soloway, author of Transparent, Just say NO to predatory capitalism! Save our bookstores and you'll save our country!

Las Lunas Locas womyn return to NoHo for Lit Crawl LA (
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