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Sexy and Scary Movies: Ghost Stories (video)

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Pat Mapcherson, Crystal Quintero, and Sheldon S., Wisdom Quarterly  EVER GROWING MUSIC AND MOVIE OPTIONS
(MC) "Ouija" WARNING: There really are many kinds of unseen beings, shapeshifters, entities, hungry ghosts (Petas), deceptive and parasitic spirits eager to find an in to steal energy!

Buddhist "Ghost Stories"
Wisdom Quarterly (wiki edit)
Preta, peta
The Petavatthu is a set of Theravada Buddhist texts, included in the Khuddaka Nikaya of the Pali canon's Sutra Collection.

It is composed of 51 verse narratives describing specifically how the effects of bad karma can lead to rebirth in he unhappy world of petas (Sanskrit pretas, "ghosts") in the doctrine of karma (actions with the power to produce future results).

This set of sutras gives prominence to the doctrine that acts of merit -- such as giving gifts to enlightened individuals or the entire community of enlightened individuals collectively -- can benefit the ghosts of one's departed relatives  by the "transferring" of merit.

This is not because the merit, or particularly good karma, literally travels to them. It works IF the departed are made aware and approve of the giving. This is because in doing so they generate merit for themselves by generating the (mental) karma of appreciation, gratitude, and joy-for-others (mudita) multiplied by the recipient/recipients, who being enlightened carry the greatest weight in terms of karma.

Appreciation is good karma.
Any gift giving or good deed offered for the benefit of the departed able who can receive it, which depends on which world they now reside in, can work in this way. But gifts of the Dharma or to the Noble Sangha (the community of enlightened individuals) will be the weightiest.
  • See Stories of the Departed (Petavatthu translation), Henry S. Gehman, in Minor Anthologies of the Pali Canon, Vol. IV, 1942, Pali Text Society, Bristol, England.
[Bigfoot] "Exists"
(Indie) "Exists" (2014) Bigfoot legend as an Eduardo Sánchez horror movie
(JB/ "10 Rules for Sleeping Around" or if you prefer lame, by-the-numbers, paranormal melodrama, try "If I Stay" with funny and talented Zach Galifianakis.

Cheesy books become trashy movie
(HOT) "Fifty Shades of Grey" (2015) - Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson

Should we kill gays and  throw them in bonfires? 
(Isn't that what the God wants? No! He want us to use stones.)
(Irishman Andrew Hozier Byrne) "Take Me to Church" I worship at the shrine of your feet...sharpen your knife...and take me to church.

"I want you by side so I'll never feel alone again..."

Hip hop means scary materialism

(Kreayshawn) "Gucci Gucci" -- the horror of obsession with materialism for the sake of self-soothing (and, of course, earthly riches). Hey, Fitch, is that the way Mama Zolot raised ya? Guess so. Because life is hard in the ghetto. Follow-up with "Go Hard (La.La.La)" and disappointment with 2Chainz? Bye, bi baby. Maybe V-Nasty (or Riff-Raff) will include you in her solo stuff or Work with Iggy.

"American Society"
(Eddie & the Subtitles) I don't want to drown in "American Society"

Protesting is better than watching: Buddhist Occupy, UK
At least one person was arrested on Sunday in London’s Parliament Square, after police removed Occupy Democracy protesters who have been protesting on the square for three days. Between 50 and 100 demonstrators remained. English comedian and actor Russell Brand bought pizza for them all.

CIA Horrors

U.S. (CIA/Corporate) Military-Industrial Complex warplanes are carrying out a new series of airstrikes on Muslim "jihadists" in the endless war for strategic and geopolitical control of the Middle East, here in the Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria. After months of fierce attacks, the defenders of the town have reportedly managed to halt the onslaught of ISIS, ISIL, the Caliphate, the "Muslim Invasion," or simply an Islamic State. Now, Kurds are slowly retaking the districts of Kobani, street by street. RT's Murad Gazdiev met with those who survived the jihadi occupation -- and they've told him of the atrocities the group is committing [with training and prompting by CIA handlers]. RT LIVE:
  • No Israeli Funding of the Arts
    Israel's war crimes? Yeah, but...
    IJAN (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, is centrally involved in the No Israeli Funding of the Arts initiative: We want everyone we are in touch with to know that the UKJFF (UK Jewish Film Festival) is taking place this year in cinemas in Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham, between November 6-23. IJAN has written to all the cinemas and are asking that you contact your local (or even a distant) cinema by phone, email, website, leaflet, or street protest, and let them know what you think of them hosting an Israeli-funded event. More

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