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The Revolution May Be Televised (video)

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells (eds). Wisdom Quarterly; Sonali Kolhatkar (, Rebecca Waer (; Pacifica Radio (KPFK, KPFA; Free Speech TV
Revolutionary TV: "Uprising" on Free Speech TV (
At one time our friend and neighbor, Uprising Radio Host Sonali Kolhatkar, was aspiring to have a televised news show to reach beyond local radio. With the help of Quetzal and others, she succeeded. She is now heard in Berkeley (KPFA FM) as well as Los Angeles (KPFK FM) and seen on Free Speech TV alongside

Afghan Buddha, Mes Aynak
With a new theme song, a fresh logo, and sparkling for the camera, the Uprising Team is well underway to televising the revolution for social justice, peace, prosperity, and equality to replace police oppression, the military-industrial complex's endless wars, corrupt capitalist practices, and bias. Rebecca Waer got the cover story on today's issue of the Pasadena Weekly.

Invitation to an "Uprising"
Desi activist
There’s an uprising of a new kind occurring in Pasadena this fall.

Thanks to a massive fundraising effort through the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, KPFK’s popular talk radio program “Uprising” now airs on both radio and television.

Save Mes Aynak's Afghan Buddhas, Nazaneen Habib, UCLA
Their goal was to raise $60,000 in just 30 days. Not only did they meet the goal, they exceeded it for a total of just a few dollars shy of $62,500.

“Uprising” host Sonali Kolhatkar says the fundraising wasn’t easy. She and her producer, Bipasha Shom, asked
every family member, friend, former colleague, and neighbor they could think of to help raise the money.

MAP: between Iran/Iraq and India/Pakistan
Kolhatkar knows fundraising in the future won’t get any easier, either, but she knows they can do it.

“The public media industry is in a funding crisis right now. It’s unheard of that two people with such a small team could raise this much money, and in such a short period of time,” Kolhatkar says.

World's most famous Afghan (NG)
Although it may seem like a lot, Kolhatkar says money goes quickly in the world of television. “Some laugh hysterically at how small our budget is,” she says. “In the commercial world, that amount wouldn’t be enough to hire one full-time person to hold a camera. But in public radio, it’s a lot of money -- we really stretch our dollars to the limit.

Money raised will fund the show’s start-up expenses and operations, including salaries for two sound engineers and TV equipment, such as cameras, lights, and a state-of-the-art audio mixer, which will allow the show to do live-to-tape recording. Half the funds will pay one person who is very experienced with the studio equipment to help Kolhatkar and her small team put the whole show together.

For Kolhatkar, who is of Indian parentage and was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, the expansion of “Uprising” from radio into an additional television broadcast is very exciting, and more than she could have dreamed of early in her radio career.

(FSTV) "Uprising with Sonali" national TV/radio broadcast debuts Oct. 27th, 6:00 pm ET weekdays. Find an FSTV channel.

Bleeding Afghanistan
Twin Towers? Let's blow up these first - CIA to Taliban
Possessing degrees in physics, astronomy, and astrophysics, Kolhatkar’s journalism career took a less than conventional trajectory.

While working at Caltech’s Spitzer Science Center in the early 1990s, she learned about the plight of Afghan women and their struggle against [the CIA and OSI's joint creation] the Taliban.

Wanting to more actively make a difference in the world, Kolhatkar quit her lucrative career at Caltech and founded the nonprofit Afghan Women’s Mission (AWM), providing support to Afghan women [supporting]. Her involvement as AWM’s director led to writing, as well as multiple national speaking engagements and media interviews.

(NM) Sonali Kolhatkar, host and producer of Uprising Radio, is also Co-Director of the Afghan Women's Mission supporting the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). This event was organized by the Women's Studies Student Association (WSSA) at CSULB.

A friend suggested that Kolhatkar get a job at Pacifica Radio station KPFK, 90.7 FM. Kolhatkar auditioned for a host position at the station in 2002. And now, years later, she hosts the station’s popular drive-time morning talk [news] show “Uprising,” which she created in July 2003.

In 2006, Kolhatkar, along with her husband Prof. James Ingalls, a Caltech astronomer, wrote Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence, with a forward by fellow broadcaster David Barsamian, founder and director of Alternative Radio, a Boulder, Colorado-based syndicated weekly talk program.

Afghan girl (fridaworld/flickr)
In the book, available on, Kolhatkar and Ingalls draw from declassified government documents and interviews with Afghan activists, lawyers, students, and refugees to paint a disturbing picture of the country under [imperial] American occupation.

As described by Amazon, “Bleeding Afghanistan boldly critiques the exploitation of Afghan women to justify war by both conservatives and liberals, analyzes uncritical media coverage of US policies, and examines the ways in which the US benefits from being in Afghanistan.” More

(WocomoDOCS) Pro-CIA, pro-U.S., pro-MIC propaganda: "Good Morning, Afghanistan" or "How to Invade and Occupy a Country" (documentary about the Battle of Qala-I-Jangi)

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