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UFO and ET contact aboard DAL spacecrafts

Crystal Quintero, Dhr. Seven, Dev, Wisdom Quarterly; Semjase [Sam-yasi], akasha-devi
(BTC) UFO Contact from the Pleiades, Chapter 3: Aboard the DAL Spacecrafts

Semjase with vimana
Swiss earthling human Billy Meier (Eduard Albert Meier) is taken for a ride through this galaxy and many others. Moreover, he is taken to different epochs of time. It is one heck of a ride! No wonder, he was taken there by Asket (a female deva called a devi). She is from an inverse-universe, like matter to antimatter!

Follow your heart. Devas do.
But one might ask, "Why did Billy Meier get to go whereas I did not?" It is because Meier made a deal before he was born. Did we? No, of course not. One has to get up pretty early in samsara to beat Billy onto alien craft.
Who is the deva Semjase?
Meier says that contacts resumed again after years (beginning on January 28, 1975) with an extraterrestrial female named Semjase (Portraits der Kontaktpersonen, FIGU Switzerland, Schmidr├╝ti, Switzerland: FIGU), the granddaughter of Sfath. Meier says that he has also had many contacts with another Plejaren (Pleiadian?) man called Ptaah, starting in 1975 and continuing up to the present day.
Meier has claimed that he has also visited other worlds and galaxies and another universe with these extraterrestrials. He claims that he was instructed to transcribe his conversations with the various extraterrestrials, most of which have been published in German. These books are referred to as the Contact Notes (or Contact Reports). Currently, there are 26 published volumes of the Contact Reports (titled Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte).

What humanoid forms do devas adopt?
Some of the Contact Reports were translated into English, extensively edited and expurgated, and published in the out-of-print four-volume set Message from the Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier by Meier case investigator Wendelle C. Stevens. There are also many contact reports translated into English (unedited) by Benjamin Stevens ("Billy Meier Translations: Contact Reports" Billy Meier Translations. Shelocta, PA).
Coleridge saw an Abyssinian (P)
Meier's discussions with the Plejaren are highly detailed and wide-ranging, dealing with subjects ranging from spirituality and the afterlife to the dangers of mainstream religions, human history, science, and astronomical phenomena, ecology, and environmental dangers caused by global overpopulation, in addition to prophecies and predictions of future events. More

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