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Shamans and scientists in Shangri La (video)

Dhr. Seven, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly; A. Ruzo, Anna Sussman, G. Washington (Snap)
Glynn Washington outdid himself this week on with Shangri La (#712)
SHANGRI LA: The Boiling River of Peru: On the most recent Snap, "Shangri La." Some say it doesn't exist; others are already out the door. Featuring stories about a mythical Peruvian boiling river and...
Graduate student and would-be geologist Andres Ruzo tried to track down a legendary river he heard his grandfather talk about in stories when he was a little boy. He found the stuff of legends and then was faced with the choices and burdens of knowing a valuable secret. More in Ruzo’s book, The Boiling River.

Scientist and Shaman in Shangri La
Scientist Andres Ruzo in the dense, green Amazon jungle searching for a river (F.I.P.)

Adventure and Discover in the Amazon
In this exciting adventure mixed with amazing scientific study, a young, exuberant explorer and geoscientist journeys deep into the Amazon -- where rivers boil and legends come to life.

When Andrés Ruzo was just a small boy in Peru, his grandfather told him the story of a mysterious legend: There is a river deep in the Amazon that boils as if a fire burns below it.

Twelve years later, Ruzo -- now a geoscientist -- hears his aunt mention that she herself had visited this strange river.
Determined to discover if the boiling river is real, Ruzo secures the help of the local shaman and sets out on a scientific expedition/journey deep into the Amazon. What he finds astounds him:

Anna Sussman (
In this long, wide, and winding river, the waters run so hot that locals brew tea in them; small animals that fall in are instantly cooked. As he studies the river, Ruzo faces challenges more complex than he had ever imagined.
The Boiling River follows this young explorer as he navigates a tangle of competing interests -- local shamans, illegal cattle farmers and loggers, and oil companies.

This true account reads like a modern-day adventure, complete with extraordinary characters, captivating plot twists, and jaw-dropping details -- including stunning photographs and a never-before-published account about this incredible natural wonder.

Ultimately, The Boiling River is about a man trying to understand the moral obligation that comes with scientific discovery -- to protect a sacred site from misuse, neglect, even from his own discovery. More

Boiling River: Snap Judgment "Shangri La" (PRX, Public Radio Exchange, April 30, 2016)

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