Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump to die or will Bernie go Green? (video)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly;;; Roger Stone (

Do you ever just stare into the stars...
No one can predict the future (except Hollywood when it's signaling what it knows when what it knows is going to happen is no accident but a planned event.
What's another name for a planned event with co-planners? But that's silly. Why would we be forewarned? It's as if we are being mocked, shown the future and it happens anyway).

The best of frenemies, 2005 wedding (LDV)
It's not easy voting for "the lesser of two evils" because, whomever we vote for, evil is sure to win.

What if Green Party candidate Jill Stein (, who will be named on after the Democratic Convention, were to ask Bernie Sanders to be her running mate, we might finally have a viable third-party candidate.

Bush Crime Family (Roger Stone)
This is the best thing that could happen to our corrupt American One Party system (the Capitalist Party divided into two equal wings, the RepubloCrats).

Both the Democrats and Republicans work for the same vested interests. Would Bernie allow us to have somewhere to place our independent votes that isn't in the evil category of erstwhile friend Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Will Bernie go Green?
Hillary goes negative: anti-Trump ads
Billionaire Donny Trump and his political cronies, the hypocrites Hillary and Billy Clinton.

Roger Stone ( reveals what Trump has on Clinton

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