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Revolution: Will Bernie go Green? (Jill Stein)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; (, April 25, 2016); Dr. Jill Stein
What does your political revolution look like? (PeopleForBernie)

Hero Snowden (drjillstein)
Green Party presidential candidate invites Sanders to “cooperate on political revolution.”

"The Democratic machine has launched an unjust attack on your campaign," Stein writes to Bernie Sanders.
While Republican candidates are rushing to announce potential vice presidential running mates, one is openly courting the idea of a bipartisan unity ticket.
Vote social democracy (PFB)
Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president, wrote an open letter to Sanders.

She is asking the Independent Vermont senator to consider ditching his attempt to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for a real “revolution for people, planet and peace” alongside Stein.
Stein, who has long called on Sanders to join forces with her in the interest of their “shared goals,” wrote to Sanders over the weekend:

Can Bernie and Jill meet in the Green?
I invite you to join me in pushing the boundaries of that system to a place where revolution can truly take root.”
“You’ve proven that in today’s rapidly changing America, a populist progressive agenda covered by the media and the televised debates can catch on like wildfire and shake the foundations of a political establishment that seemed invulnerable just a few short months ago,” Stein wrote to Sanders.

She was asking if “in this wildly unpredictable election where the old rules are giving way one by one, can we think outside the box and find new and unexpected ways to synergize beyond obsolete partisan divides?”

Stein, who first ran for the White House in 2012, argues that despite its early successes, Sanders’ campaign has faltered as the “neoliberal Democratic machine mobilizes to quash revolution in its ranks”:

The Democratic machine has launched an unjust attack on your campaign -- from the NY Daily News hit job to Paul Krugman’s unfounded assault, the DNC’s efforts to minimize your debate exposure, and the near-unanimous endorsement of Clinton by Democratic elected officials and super-delegates. More

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