Monday, May 9, 2016

Calming the mind: The Joy of Living (video)

Yongney Mingyur Rinpoche ( Videos); CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Let's go to CAMP, calm awareness meditation practice. Tibetan teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche gives a public talk at Lerab Ling in France about how to calm the mind and practice awareness.

The Joy of Living
The Joy of Living (Mingyur Rinpoche)
This refreshing book -- written with kindness, energy, and wit by a cheerful contemplative -- is a sign that the next generation of Buddhism is creative, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary.

Born in 1975 in Nepal, he is among a new generation of Tibetan lamas trained outside Tibet and a gifted meditator.

His brain-activity has been measured during meditation, earning him the enviable title of "happiest man on earth" (just like the Western lama Matthieu Ricard). He venerable fuses scientific and spiritual considerations, explaining meditation as a physical and spiritual process.

What if there were a simple way to heal, to restore the brain? (
Meditation can change the brain, he explains from experience. He had panic attacks as a child which he was able to overcome through intensive practice.

If diligently put into practice, meditation can affect the "neuronal gossip" -- his imaginative term for brain cell communication -- which keeps us stuck in unhappy behaviors.

He offers a wide variety of techniques, counseling ease in practice to avoid boredom and aversion. Less is more: Practice shorter periods more often, he advises. His approach is especially welcome for anyone frustrated by meditation or convinced, "I'm not doing it right."

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