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Hollow Inner Earth: Agartha (video)

Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly; LightBeing1983; US Admiral Richard E. Byrd; Robert Sepehr (818Encino); Bridget Nielsen (FB/Hybrids); Dr. Brooks Agnew
(LightBeing1983) Hollow Earth Civilization Agartha: Cover Up Revealed (full documentary)
The Buddha knows and sees (CBE)
Is Earth hollow and, if so, how? The inner civilization is called Agartha (Agarthi, Shambhala) below the crust. U.S. Admiral Byrd confirmed it (see below), witnessed UFOs after reaching the South Pole during "Operation Highjump," and reported it.

Map (
Some say Byrd was searching for an opening or dome with a U.S. military force of 4,700 on 13 massive ships, various planes, with tons of support equipment. He concluded that Earth is not a globe but something more complex.

[It is more of an oblate spheroid that curves in at the poles] or as Indian mythology states, flat with Mt. Sumeru in the middle and various continents or dvipas around it.]

The Earth flattens out at the polar regions.
American thinker William Reed, author of The Phantom of the Poles, realized: No one has gone to the poles because they are wide rim holes where magnetic anomalies give false compass readings. What did Austrian psychic Maria Orsich ( of the Vril Society channel for Hitler and the Nazis that led them to the poles and to declare a new country called New Schwabenland?

Nazi German Antarctica
(818Encino) Neuschwabenland: Lost Colony in Antarctica U.S. attempted and failed to invade.

Subterranean Worlds of Inner Earth
(Robert Sepehr) "New Swabia" is an Antarctic region between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land. It was explored by the German Antarctic Expedition, which discovered ice-free areas with warm freshwater lakes and vegetation. In 1943, German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz stated: "The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress" (Atlantean Gardens).

A Hidden Holy Place in Buddhist mythology
Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia (
...Shambhala having a sort of downward extension, a subterranean region known as Agharti or Agarttha, the “inaccessible.” This, it seems, has a large population and spreads a long way underground. The ruler of Shambhala rules over Agharti also. Lamas who spoke of him to travelers early in the twentieth century described him as the King of the World... More

Bridget? No, Maria O.
Bridget Nielsen talks about the civilizations that inhabit Middle Earth, which supports the hollow earth theory. In spiritual circles this is commonly known as the networks of Agartha, which are comprised of many underground crystal cities such as Telos inside Mt. Shasta. The most compelling story was shared on "Cosmic Disclosure" hosted by David Wilcock (formerly Edgar Cayce). Corey Goode shared his experience of meeting with these beings during his Inner Earth experience:

(TUM) Explanation of Hollow Earth follows U.S.Admiral Byrd's interview.

Admiral Byrd revealed his experiences in a posthumously published diary

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