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Clingy clinging, why do we cling? (video)

Ven. Nyanatiloka (Buddhist Dictionary); Crystal Quintero, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

I ran into your ex...with my car! (tumblr)
Upādāna or "clinging," according to the Path of Purification (Vis.M. XVII), is an intensified form of craving. There are four kinds:
  1. sensual clinging (kāma-upādāna)
  2. clinging to views (ditthi-upādāna)
  3. clinging to mere rules and rituals (sīlabbata-upādāna)
  4. clinging to personality-belief (atta-vāda-upādāna).
The curse of the clingy... (Feminista Jones)
(1) "What is sensual clinging? With regard to sensual objects whatever there remains of lust, attachment, desire, passion, deludedness, fetters (bonds), this is called sensual clinging.
(2) ''What is clinging to views? 'Giving alms and other offerings is useless; there is no fruit or result of good and ill deeds,' all such wrong views and misconceptions are called clinging to views.
(3) "What is clinging to mere rules and rituals? Holding firmly to the view that merely by adhering to rules and rituals one can reach enlightenment, this is called clinging to mere rules and rituals.
(4) "What is clinging to personality-belief? The 20 kinds of ego-views with regard to the Five Aggregates of Clinging or "Groups of Existence" (see sakkāya-ditthi), these are called clinging to personality-belief" (Dhs.1214-17).
Five Ways to Stop Being a Clingy G/F
This traditional fourfold division is not quite satisfactory.In addition to sensual clinging, one would expect the great commentator Buddhaghosa (the Path of Purification's author) to add either clinging to form (rūpa-upādāna) and clinging to formlessness (arūpa-upādāna) or simply clinging to becoming (or being, bhava-upādāna). 
Although the non-returner (any noble person who has reached the third stage of enlightenment), the anāgāmī, is entirely free from the traditional four kinds of clinging, that person is not yet free of rebirth like the fully enlightened person (arhat).

My Clingy Girlfriend (Banerjee)
Why? It is because, as a nonreturner, one is still clinging to becoming.

The Commentary to Vis.M. XVII, in trying to get out of this dilemma, explains that clinging to sensuality includes here all of the remaining kinds of clinging.
"Clinging" is the common translation of upādāna; however, "grasping" might come closer to the meaning of it, which is literally "uptake."
(Laina) Overly Attached Girlfriend finally lets go externally...but then ends up in therapy because of intense regret due to clinging internally.

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