Monday, May 23, 2016

Bernie LIVE in Los Angeles (video) + SNL

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(SNL) Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Bernie Sanders (Larry David) reminisce about their time running against each other in the 2016 Democratic primary. More SNL on Hulu Plus.

Organizers say 10K are expected at tonight's rally at Santa Monica High School, LA (KABC).
Crowd of 10,000 expected for Sanders rally in Santa Monica
Elex Michaelson and staff
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Will Reagan fans prefer Sanders over Clinton?
LOS ANGELES - Organizers say 10,000 people are expected at a Monday night rally at Santa Monica High School.

Earlier in the day, Sanders talked to a large crowd at a Lincoln Heights rally in East Los Angeles. Some people arrived at 6:00 am to be first in line for the rally, which began around 12:30 pm.
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Who will vote for real change? (SoCal)
"If he can carry California with a big win, then we have a real contested convention, and that changes everything," said supporter Chad Donah.
Supporters and speakers included Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson, who introduced the Vermont senator with a few words of encouragement to get the crowd to vote.

Sanders brought energy to the crowd as he said, confidently, his campaign will not give up on California and will get the state's vote. More
      (LSN) Sanders rally in East L.A. (replay) then Santa Monica live (5-23-16).

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