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Los Angeles' nuclear test contamination (video)

John Rabe (Off-Ramp,, NBC 4, L.A.; Dhr. Seven, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

LA's Nuclear Secret
Joel Grover reports for NBC 4 News at 11:00, Feb. 29, 2016. (Published on March 1, 2016).

(NBC 4) Families are flocking to get a look at brand new model homes in a beautiful canyon west of Los Angeles. What some buyers might not realize is that the development, called "Arroyo Vista at the Woodlands," is right next to one of the most contaminated sites in California -- the former Santa Susana Field Lab. More has been following media partner NBC News 4's ongoing investigative series, LA's Nuclear Secret.

NBC 4 has been looking into the effects of nuclear fallout and contaminated runoff from the secret Santa Susanna Test Lab in LA's Simi Valley.
Urban LA gets fallout downwind and stream.
The latest report, which aired Wednesday night, looks at questions of contamination at a popular kids summer camp, Camp Alonim, run by American Jewish University (AJU) at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley.

Aerial view of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Simi Hills, with LA's San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Mountains to the east. The ETEC site is in the flat area at lower left, with the Rocket Test Field Laboratory sites in the hills at the center.
NBC 4 and some parents have asked AJU to release all tests they’ve ever done on soil and water on the Brandeis-Bardin property, and the lab reports that go with those tests.
It appears AJU officials have released some but not all of the tests. Now AJU is trying to assuage worried parents with a new test.
In a letter to families, American Jewish University (AJU), which owns the camp and paid for the report, said this new study "definitively confirms the safety" of the 2,800 acre campus and finds there is "no unacceptable human health risk" from contamination at the Field Lab. The AJU says as part of the study, "extensive additional testing" was conducted at the camp in February 2016. — NBC 4
Experts consulted by KNBC found big problems with the new test, conducted by [controversial] Pasadena-based Tetra Tech, including: More + AUDIO

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