Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hollywood: "The Simpsons" reveals the future

Ashley Wells, Maya (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Godrules (video); "The Simpsons" (FOX TV)

TOP 10 Creepy Yet to Happen Simpsons Predictions: Sex Robots, Human Hybrids, Trump...
1. Going Online in Mind: This is not as farfetched as one might imagine. We already have technology that can translate thoughts into video images.

Actual "sex robot" android slave.
2. Sex Robots: This seems like it would never happen, but actually we already have partial sex robots and more are under development thanks to all those awkward nerds in big university labs.

3. Sharia Law in America: With the direction Europe has been going in and recent developments in Dearborn, Michigan, how shocking would it be if we all joined Saudi Arabia, went Wahhabi Muslim, then voted in Sharia? Not likely, but be afraid, very afraid. The mainstream media operates on fear.

Marge's sisters and their bi sex-bots.
4. Human Clones: Although illegal in many countries, recent legislation allows for some testing in Europe, which sets a precedent for this actually coming to pass as science already has the capability.

5. Cashless Society: Wondering why they keep changing how we pay at the local grocery store? It's because they want us one day microchipped and paying by waving our hand over a payment processor. That might sound interesting to some, but it is far less secure and definitely not in the best interest of consumers. Companies love it, however.

Don't worry, Prince, this won't hurt a  bit.
6. Soul Extraction: Could something as crazy as spirit possession be standard in the future? There may not ultimately be a soul, but there is the essence of a person -- memories and DNA information. Some ancient cults, like those dedicated to Dionysus (ancient Greek) allegedly trapped people's spirits in icons and bracelets. The idea was that those doing the trapping could gain life energy (chi, prana, holy spirit) from drinking blood and trapping "souls."

Listen up, dummies, that's capital! Vote Trump.
7. President Donald Trump: There are many videos covering "The Simpsons" prediction of a Trump presidency. But how many know that the elevator scene on most of these videos is a spoof? Many claim it was from a 2000 episode about Trump. In reality, the elevator scene was from the 2015 episode after he did it in real life.

8. Environmental Catastrophe: With modern technological advances and pollution rates are going, could a massive environmental catastrophe occur? Of course. But consider the possibility of a Fukushima disaster on a larger scale.

9. Tech Control Outcasts: Could the rich-poor divide become a division between those giving in to new technology and those rejecting, say, the microchip? Could we have Mad Max regions in some parts of society?

Beta stage "sex robots" are already on sale.
10. Genetic Human-Animal Hybrids:  Oops, this came true yesterday. (See post). It was already a reality, but now everyone knows it without a doubt thanks to NPR and other mainstream outlets. With the genetic manipulation and cloning of plants and animals, would it be shocking if pets one day speak and feel like humans as hybrid forms? DNA's potential makes it ripe for abuse giving us a shocking Huxley-Orwell future combined!

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