Saturday, May 28, 2016

When I decided to become healthy (video)

Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly; YAC2; JOCP; Seinfeld; MM

"I'm going to sit down and empty my thoughts." - "That's what I do all day." (joy-of-cartoon)
How can we become healthy -- vibrant, youthful, energetic, cheerful, enthusiastic, and resilient. We have to bounce back from whatever happens. We have to lead with our heart, keep going forward. It's not about thinking-thinking all the time. Where's the heart? Are the emotions in line? Are we serene with a little Buddha smile on our lips and cheeks? That's a good sign.

Yoga holds secrets of health.
One time on "Seinfeld" George made a decision to start living well. He had to be in the hospital to realize it. Why wait on catastrophe to prompt us? We can decide right now when all is mostly well, in the flush of health. I want to be healthy and healthier. I want to detox: clear my skin, my bowels, and bend my spine. Yoga is great for that, sleep and rest, meditation and relaxation.

(You Are Creators2) What would we all be capable of when we master the breath (chi, prana)?

Bathtub Method
Eat aloe vera fillet and rub it all over.
American-style meditation: the "Bathtub Method" by Wisdom Quarterly. Draw a warm bath, sink into it, focus on the breath. Stay on the breath, so still the water is not disturbed. Any disturbance is immediately evident. Not done when sleepy but rather when stressed, laying back on a headboard.

In white, sit still; focus on the breath.
The tub is small, nothing one could sink in or go under. Eventually the water cools and one is done. It can be kept going on a clean, comfortable set of blankets in the bedroom, surrounded by quiet, maintaining full attention right under the nose at what the breath is doing.

For best results add some borax (boron) or Flannagan's "Crystal Energy" to render the fluoride harmless, and filter the water through a shower chlorine filter first, and add real herbal scents rather than anything artificial like shampoo, bar soap, or bubble bath.

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