Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hidden History: US' black Founding Fathers

Wait, in addition to modern slaves the world over, the U.S. enslaved its native populations?

Many U.S. Founding Fathers were black
Only now are we even mapping Native U.S.
It is very rare for FOX News of all outlets to report something that gives black people credit or the slightest bit of well deserved respect. FOX News is probably the most racist and regressive television show on mainstream television.

They may as well have Ku Klux Klan members for news "reporters." But in the dark sometimes light shines through. What is former FOX News Anchor Glenn Beck talking about?

Beck did some research on who really founded the United States. What he came up with was astonishing. Like most of us, he was taught that blacks were only slaves, stripped of a culture, land, and story and given the tale of the great Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

(TV/ Part 2 of 3:  Originally aired on FOX News' "Founders' Fridays" with Glenn Beck, May 28, 2010. Topic: the instrumental role of blacks in the founding of the United States. "After the Show" audience Q&A.

African Mother Miriam and Y'shua
What if blacks were actually part of the Native peoples found here and enslaved?

Asiatic Native Americans, "Indians," were taken as slaves, raped, pillaged, forcibly relocated, sold, and killed by the millions with European diseases.

There was little need to ship Africans en masse when blacks were already here.
Not only are we told that tale, we are moreover convinced that the United States had no contributions from anyone other than slave labor and exploitation.

First black president, John Hanson
Research shows that that mandatory school teaching is all wrong, a piece of early propaganda mindlessly repeated even by everyone even blacks today.

Beck was so surprised that he decided to contact professional historians to find out why vital information like this was purposely left out of history books. 

Divisive Glenn Beck, usually no friend of the truth or bringing people together, deserves credit, as does the right wing madhouse that is FOX News for the bravery to report this.

(Ted Voron) Part 3 of 3 of Glenn Beck's "Founders' Fridays" on FOX News, May 28, 2010.

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