Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Do space alien-human hybrids exist? (video)

Bridget Nielsen, Aluna Verse (, Union Features,; Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Union Features associate with hybrid program mother Bridget Nielsen (
Nagas? Devas? Vril? Semjase? Thule-Gessellschaft?

Union Features and Union Magazine present Bridget Nielsen. This footage was filmed in the shadows of Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona.

Nielsen explains the alien hybridization program responsible for her bearing ten alien-human hybrid babies. She was placed in a dream-state on an alien craft and visits with them in dreamtime now.

(Union Features) Aluna (Uluna?) Verse, from Kansas City, discusses her experiences in LA such as sex (Min. 13:25) with an arousing green-skinned Reptilian, much like LA's tunneling "lizard people" near the Southwest Museum and beach.

Hybrid-Alien Baby Mothers
Aluna Verse with drawing of hybrid child.
A small but growing number of women claim to have half-human and half-alien babies.

They say that these children have a special purpose for all humankind. Now maybe Katy Perry's message (encouraging sex with aliens), Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Nordics, and others makes sense.

Union Features traveled to California and Arizona to meet two of the Alien Baby Mothers to find out what it's like to have a child with a being from beyond.
Reptilian-human hybrid child
While it may all sound too farfetched to be able to continue leading a comfortable life "alone" in the universe on Spaceship Earth, we may have to consider the "others."

Many of the "others" -- space alien fairies (akasha-devas, Pleiadians), benevolent and malevolent reptoids (nagas, reptilians, Draconians, dragons, serpents led by the Greys), titans (asuras), ogres like Chewbacca (yakshas) -- are far more technologically advanced than earthlings, so much so that some trade secrets with governments, who then sell us out to promote their own power agendas.

Other aliens are apparently benevolent and work on behalf of the planet and its living beings. A good portion of Buddhist cosmology is about Sakka (the Buddhist St. Michael), ruler of lower space devas, and his efforts on behalf of this generation of earthlings.

Hybrid baby with crescent moon
Aliens have always been meddling in earthling affairs, genetically manipulating the "generations," building astounding monuments, leaving inexplicable skulls and skeletons (which the Smithsonian does all it can to conceal), mining gold and other minerals, ruling as god-kings, mating with humans (the "daughters of men"), imparting knowledge, and so on.
There is an entire community of mothers fully aware that they are participating in cross hybrid mating programs.
Exposing the truth
Just as Anglo-Europeans invaded, occupied, and forcibly bred with other human groups, so off-planet groups -- who may already be "human" though they are not earthlings, given that humanoids are already widely disseminated through the galaxy -- conduct their own affairs and promote their own interests.
On the radio
Nielsen holds drawings of some hybrid babies.
It's a secret, but the secret is being revealed. One mother appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast to explicitly discuss the issue, to name names, and to point out other mothers involved and the community they belong to. Coast to Coast

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