Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Woo-woo ways to live longer (video)

Liza Soberano: The Philippines has the most wins in the “Big Four International Beauty Pageants.” Is Veronica Grey in the Top 10 most beautiful Filipina female stars (wonderlist).

Eternal Youth Empire: overcome death AND taxes
Veronica Grey
Our new favorite nutter is the woo-woo diva "The Surf Lady," Filipina model and Reiki Master Veronica Grey. She's a delight, even though she sounds like she got konked on the noggin of late. But she's beautiful as she closes in on 40 and her tips make sense.

(Eternal Youth Empire) Two main SECRETS to enduring youthfulness
I want long life, but I don't care about beauty.
Yanks poo-poo the idea of real anti-aging saying, "Ya can't make a clock spin backwards, mate!" You can, however, make the norm different. For instance, what does 13 look like? What does 30 look like? What does 55 look like?

They've all changed: Thirteen is sexualized, 30 is decrepit, and 55 is somehow rejuvenated, the prime of life if we all live longer. And apparently we do, even though our biology/DNA hasn't changed a wit. Eat green, drink clean, and breathe in the prana (ch'i, holy spiritus) right out of the air.

Laugh heartily and as often as children. Smile at the sun. Avoid the chemtrails and toxins (fluoride, sulfates, parabens, preservatives, "natural" flavorants, dead sugars, processed salt and foods) slipped into almost everything we consume. Detox! Clean the mind, and the cellulite will follow.
SUTRA: Long Lived and Beautiful
Hellmuth Hecker (trans.) edited by Wisdom Quarterly (AN 5.43)
Veronica Grey, the ever youthful author, and her animal companion Flash (
Native Karama ("Island of the Blue Dolphins")
The Buddha spoke of five things people want. The first two are long life and beauty. Long life is not enough.

We want beauty (health, vitality, youthfulness) for the enjoyment of those long years. Here's how to get them.
THE BUDDHA: "O householder, there are five desirable, pleasant, and agreeable things which are rare in the world. What are those five? They are:
  1. long life
  2. beauty
  3. happiness
  4. fame
  5. and (rebirth in) a heaven.
"But, O householder, of those five things, I do not teach that they are to be obtained by prayer or by vows. If one could obtain them by prayer or vows, who would not do it?" 
If I can live long... (Amber Heard/wonderlist)
"For a noble disciple, O householder, who wishes to have long life, it is not fitting that such a person should pray for long life or take delight in so doing. One should instead follow a path of life that is conducive to longevity. By following such a path one will obtain long life, be it divine or human. More

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