Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump? Bernie? Ted Cruz loses (cartoon)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; TYT; NPR; TMW; Soren

"The Incredible Trump" (Tom Tomorrow/ThisModernWorld.com)
Ted Cruz "Cruzin' Under the Radar" (Jen Sorensen/jensorensen.com)

Ted Cruz channels the spirit of the lovable/odious weasel "Mr. Haney" (Pat Buttram on "Green Acres" on TV Land). Still don't see it? Just look:
(C-Span 2) Ted Tea Party Cruz as Mr. Haney during the filibuster that won him the contempt of John Boehner, who called him "Lucifer in the flesh" and "the most miserable son of a b*tch I've ever met in my life."
What's wrong with Ted Cruz?
    Searcy Hayes is Ted Cruz (DM)
    Future porn star Searcy Hayes may not have known who Ted Cruz was, but he sure knows who she is and now wishes he didn't. She has been his doppelganger all this time. And now she's ready to cash in as pornographers entice her to bare it all.

    One can imagine that Cruz entered the race to help Donald Trump win by being such a reprehensible opponent, a bag of wind, a hypocritical Evangelical Christian, a serial cheater, a slightly Cuban, all-Canadian man who has never won an election.
    Troublemaker vs. Establishment robot
    He apparently stepped into the role of Senator through a technical breach created by the Koch-funded Tea Party. He is the luckiest man in the world, or he would be if only the GOP and Republicans at large would back him. How Hillary Clinton must laugh wishing she could face him in the general election instead of the man who can beat her, Trump.

    Why we vote Sanders!
    Candidates we can get behind (Jensorensen/jensorensen.com)
    So long, Comedian-in-Chief
    The Best Worst President We Ever Had
    After 8 years of clumsy stumbling and endearing stuttering, Barry has finally found his grove and is ready for stand up at all the talks he'll be paid to deliver when he leaves the White House with his trans spouse Michael. Obamanos all the way to the bank, change we shouldn't have believed in. NPR
      "Women's card"? Donald's deck of Trump Cards: Sexist, Bully, Fool, Bigot, Jerk (Bennett)

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