Thursday, April 20, 2017

Everything NASA says is deceptive (video)

EUF; Dave (Erik Verbeek); Dan Flynn; Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

Shape of the Planet Reveals Itself
Dan Flynn tries his hand at humor and entertainment in this video. He's no comedian (or he's a very bad  one), only a commentator. The footage is for research purposes; the awkward and cringe-worthy humor at least breaks up the monotony as we see that we are being lied to by NASA and other space agencies of the world. Created using
What is the real shape of our earth?
Content matters when it inspires others to look into a topic. Please research the topics presented. We must do what we can to get to the facts. When gathering evidence it is a pity to toss anything relevant onto the editing floor.

That is why we have an in depth study, a three hour video on a topic that is growing in intrigue. It's impossible that our world is flat...but try to disprove it. Are our senses lying to us? Are our experiments and measurements all wrong? This may open your eyes.

In Lies We Trust

We are being lied to by NASA. We don't see real pictures, just Photoshopped, doctored, CGI images. The first part of the video are some visual observations made my brilliant minds that were alert enough to notice. What is pointed out in many of these clips? Oversights that lead to what we did not know about NASA.

When researching NASA, its founders and other oddities, this video will serve as a great resource. Get out pen and paper, for there is much to consider in what is being presented:
  • Clouds that do not move
  • a dim moon that passes in front of the sun
  • Adobe effects in NASA pictures.
What's going on? What is NASA and the US government hiding? What do you think? We don't know what, but we do know this with certainty: They're hiding something. Who allegedly know more about space than our oceans, which is to say "nothing at all" because we're only fed lies no matter what they find?

Embassy of Universal Federation (EUF)

CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Maybe not. This presentation provides undeniable evidence that shows how NASA is lying about "outer space," how the religion "Scientism" is connected to an occult brotherhood, how mathematical and observable proof that we live on a fixed, lumpy plane. Of course, many questions remain unanswered:

Which Photoshopped composite artistic rendition is the real "photo" of our planet, NASA?
Never mind the patch; look at the distractions
The fact is, If they LIE about this, they LIE about everything. Do your own research.

Who can "prove" anything with facts? It is enough if this generates interest to impel everyone to investigate instead of remaining asleep. Who can blame us for sleeping all this time? We all react the same: We don't want to believe, we can't bear to believe it that we have been lied to.

We say, "This is over the top! We don’t have to research this nonsense. We can just trust them, NASA and the rest, that everything is just as it seems." It's been proven for us, right? We live on a spherical globe spinning at 1,000 MPH without splashing or sloshing our watery surface. Gravity, which is not strong enough to hold down smoke, does it.

Our Moon
Moon as hollow satellite, artificially placed
And we know the moon because we went and filmed the trip as proof. Okay, we were never shown the actual film of the voyage. But, trust us, it looked like the Hollywood soundstage footage shown on TV. How dare you question it!

They'll call you "crazy." We have been trained to think we have seen all of these things firsthand with our own eyes or on TV with everyone else (

Did you know NASA, which sounds a lot like NAZI, was established by actual Nazis such as Wernher von Braun, who after WW II was recruited to come to the USA and work for us? As German politician and the Reich minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany said: “The bigger the lie the more it will be believed.”

Remember President John F. Kennedy's last speech: "The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings" (

Those who dare to do research themselves, who watch videos like this in their entirety, ask legitimate questions, and pay attention to observations without immediately ridiculing the information would have to agree about one thing, "We The People" are being misled and deceived; nothing is as it seems ( 

If the earth is round, flat, pear-shaped, a concentric circles separated by mountains of ice, a disk, a domed lump, or a square, it does not matter. We do not have all of the answers. What is important is that they -- NASA, the mainstream media, CIA, White House, FBI, Hollywood -- lie about the plane (not planet) we live on, so what else do they lie about? Why not everything?

The biggest lie of all? NASA lies. The Earth is not as they have led us to believe (

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