Thursday, April 6, 2017

US bombs Syria, chemical warfare pretext

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Slayer; Dead Kennedys
US Pres. Trump wants to "end the slaughter" with slaughter, so US keeps illegally bombing.

Let's go have sex, daughter. I'm stressed out about my first war. - Yes, daddy. (AP photo)
Why does the US love war and war profiteering so much, and why do we develop so many war chemicals then sell them to other countries? Is it the height of hypocrisy or strategic planning to control the whole board all the time everywhere?

Chemical Warfare
Slayer (live)
I'm a war criminal now like Obama and Hillary.
Frantic minds are terrified
Life lies in a grave
Silent death rides high above
On the wings of revelation
Multi death from chemicals
Arrogance has won
Annihilation must be swift
Destroy without destruction

Gods on the throne must be watching from hell
Awaiting the mass genocide
Soldiers defeated by death from a smell
Bodies lie dormant no life
Rising new souls on the lands where they fell
Demons not ready to die
Nothing to see where the sleeping souls lie

Chemical warfare

Artificial *ucking peace
Line up in a death row
Generals in their slow defeat
Diminished from this hell
Banished from the dying world
The lords of hell await
Dogs of war are helpless prey
To immortality
The torture kills the troops that try to fight
Human pesticide bring days of doom
Mist falls
The deadly gas that brings them to their knees
Steal the soul and send his corpse to hell

Mummified regions lying in dust
Fall victim to this game
Petrified corpses bathing in rust
Taken without being blamed
Falsified spirits farther they fall
Soon they will join us in hell
See the sky burning the gates are ablaze
Satan awaits eager to merge

Chemical warfare!

Get out your li'l flags, everyone. The war you demanded in illegal retaliation for some staged pretext of an event is now here and awaiting your support on Facebook to make you complicit (AP).
Chemical Warfare
Dead Kennedys (from Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables)
The Pentagon was made for war...and more war
Down at the arsenal they keep the nerve gases
Guarded day and night by caged white rabbits
Been sitting there for years I’m gonna have at it
I cut through the fence, run right in, and grab it

Go crazy crazy crazy crazy …

Now I got my own mustard gas in my pocket
Climb on a tree on a branch and drop it
On a country club full of Saturday golfers
So I can watch them die chokin’ shakin’ in convulsions

Go crazy crazy crazy crazy …

Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare warfare warfare

Panic in the air; see the headless chickens runnin’
Golf carts head on crashin’ crackin’ heads wide open
Scratch the grass, mister, you can’t breathe
And roll and writhe in a sandtrap starting to heave
Claw those clubs, lemme see you seethe

Crazy crazy crazy crazy …

Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare warfare warfare

Yellow air, yellow clouds
Blowin’ down down down the fairway
Sensitive to the touch
Mowin’ down down the putting green
Heading straight for the big clubhouse
Where the stuffed country club ladies, so carefree
Relax, pose by the pool
Limber limp with a dry martini, until…

Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare warfare warfare

Steve Bannon: War is good for the US economy. Just ask my bosses, the Mercers (AP).

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