Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Survive: Into the Woods with Chris

Saturday, April 22, 10:00 am 
Food from the wild is abundant, and thankfully it can be turned into delicious and nutritious meals. We’ll learn how to collect it in a sustainable way, gathering some wild foods at this site, then make a meal with previously collected wild foods. We’ll do some cooking with a commercial solar oven, so you’ll get to see its efficacy. Location 2, Hahamongna Watershed Park; entrance at Foothill and Oak Grove Dr. in Pasadena. Meet at southern end of the upper area. [pg. 535, E5].

Saturday, April 29, 9:00 am 
Here in the Angeles Forest at Switzers Camp, we’ll experience a mix of riparian, chaparral, and higher-elevation plants. We’ll learn about slings, snares, wild plants for food and medicine, make-shift shelters, weaving, uses of the yucca, primitive fire, etc. We’ll also do some cooking with wild foods. Switzers Camp, Location 3. You must obtain a Forest Adventure Day Pass ($5).

PLANT MEDICINE: Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine
Sat, April 29, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Taught by EarthSkyPeople.org, to sign up and for more info go to: EarthSkyPeople.org/intro-herbal-medicine In this class we will explore the relationships that ancient, indigenous people cultivated with plants and herbal medicines, through the physical senses, generational wisdom, experimentation, and shamanic practices...

Saturday, May 6, 10:00 am
Learn to tell time and direction from the sun, stars, and natural observations. Learn how to use a map and compass. We’ll go over how to read and use a map, and how to make specialized maps. We’ll review the proper way to use a compass in the outdoors. We will also do a few practice exercises with map and compass. If time, we’ll do a short plant walk! Hahamongna Watershed Park. Location 2. Bring a compass.

Saturday, May 13, 10:00 am
We’ll do a walk learning about the edible, medicinal, and utility uses of plants. Also, you’ll learn the many values of the yucca plant, including fiber, net-making, quivers, sandals, brushes, even food! You’ll get some hands-on with the yucca. Location 2.

SHELTER WORKSHOP (& Wild Food), $20
Saturday, May 20, 10:00 am
Shelter is essential when you need to spend the night outdoors. We’ll begin with a pop up tent, and continue with a tube tent. Then we’ll make a primitive shelter in the forested area in this park, which you might do if you were lost with nothing. We will also explore for some wild foods that we’ll sample in a salad. Hahamongna Watershed Park, Location 2

PLANT MEDICINE: Herbal Poultices, Plasters & Powders
Sunday, May 21, 2017, 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Taught by EarthSkyPeople.org, to sign up and for more info go to: EarthSkyPeople.org/poultices-powders The external application of herbal formulations as poultices, powders, and plasters to protect, detoxify, and promote healing has been a staple medicinal practice of shamans and medicine men and women since time immemorial. Here we will learn how to make and apply our own formulations.

Saturday, May 27, 9:00 am
Learn about water purification, making fire without matches, wild plant identification, shelter-building, bird traps, and more. Switzer’s Camp, Angeles National Forest. From Foothill Bl. in La Canada, travel north about 11 miles on the Angeles Crest Hwy. to Switzer’s camp entrance. Park in the lower lot, near the bridge. [pg. 505, H2]. Location 3.
PLANT MEDICINE: Wildcrafting Water Based Herbal Medicine: Decoctions
Sunday, June 4, 2017, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Taught by EarthSkyPeople.org. To sign up and for more information, go to: EarthSkyPeople.org/herbal-medicine-infusions. In this class we will learn about the medicinal power of plants. We'll tap into the power of ancestral medicinal wisdom by incorporating shamanic principles in spirit and plant communication, in the wild, with time-tested herbal preparations. More

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