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Ukraine's Aratta Civilization older than Sumeria

Discovery of the Ancient Aratta Civilization of Ukraine, Older than Sumeria
Zohar StarGate.ComSeveral locations have been suggested as probable locations of Aratta. Now there is firm evidence that it was located in a region of modern Ukraine north of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

While many Western texts still refer to Sumer as being "the oldest civilization with writing," Ukraine has something far older. [Hail the Goddess Inanna.]

Buddhist burial mounds (stupas) in Ukraine
It was Aratta, which was recorded in the Sumerian epic tale Enmerkar and the Land of Aratta.

This was the cradle of civilization -- at 22,000 BCE -- and Kamyana Mohyla was its most significant sanctuary. This is a very special place. It is the oldest known sanctuary-observatory in the world.

Aratta is now recognized as having been the world's most ancient known civilization. It developed on the steppes north of the Black Sea, in modern Ukraine, long before the Sumerian civilization originated, and from there it radiated its culture into India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Western China, Ireland, and across Europe. More relics of Aratta are increasingly being found and identified in Ukraine.

Tibetan Buddhist lamas visit Khortytsia Island, Ukraine, as place of their origin
The Buddha was a supremely handsome Central Asian royal with blue eyes, fair/golden complexion, black curly hair, and striking features, from the Solar Dynasty, a warrior-caste "noble" (Aryan or Iranian). See Rhys Davids' Jataka (trans.) with "Story of the Lineage" (MT)
Buddhism and Vedas speak of aeons of history
All of these amazing pre-Ice Age civilization discoveries are giving greater and greater weight to an outlandish theory proposed by a Russian scholar years ago, which Wisdom Quarterly covered early on (Was the Buddha Ukrainian?) we covered early on.

There's a saying: "If you're one step ahead, you're a genius. If you're two steps ahead, you're a lunatic." That would explain in large part why Wisdom Quarterly is willing to talk about such outlandish things long before the gatekeepers, media, and dictators of our "consensus reality" catch up. We must get to the truth however unexpected it is or how ever much it violates our preconceived notions.

It's not so surprising if the Buddha were from North Asia. Dr. Ranajit Pal says the Buddha was born in Bamiyan, Afghanistan (one of the three seasonal capitals of people the Ancient Greeks would later call the Scythians/Shakyians, the other two being Kapil/Kabul or Kapilavastu and, we surmise, the incredible Mes Aynak). Ukraine is just above that and the formerly Buddhist "stans" of Central Asia, which later formed the USSR/Russian Empire:
Ven. Junsei Terasawa (Japanese 寺沢潤世, Russian Дзюнсэй Тэрасава, Ukrainian Дзюнсей Терасава) was born Sept. 15, 1950. He is a Japanese Buddhist monk, belonging to the Order Nipponzan Myōhōji. He is notable for being the first Nipponzan monk to be active in Eurasia. Being a respected mentor, surnamed Terasawa-sensei or simply Sensei, he has undertaken many years of monastic peacemaking practices in India, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. Presently, he teaches groups of monks from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China.

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