Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump, where are your taxes? (video)

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Leave me alone...or I'll start a war! I'm not showing my taxes! North Korea or Syria?

CHICAGO (AP) - Thousands of chanting, sign-carrying demonstrators took to the streets in cities across the nation Saturday, "Tax Day" (April 15th), demanding that Pres. Trump release his tax returns so Americans can scrutinize his business ties and potential conflicts of interest. Violent clashes were the exception during the largely peaceful demonstrations, but in Berkeley, California, police arrested 13 people and confiscated knives and makeshift weapons after fistfights broke out between factions that support and oppose Trump. More

Roman glass found in China
Roman glass cup unearthed at a Han tomb in Guangxi, China
Roman glass cup unearthed in China
Sino-Roman relations refers to the flow of trade goods, information, and occasional travelers between the Roman Empire and Han Empire of China, and between the later Eastern Roman Empire and various Chinese dynasties. These empires inched progressively closer in the course of the Roman expansion into the ancient Near East and simultaneous Han Chinese military incursions into Central Asia. Mutual awareness remained low and firm knowledge about each other was limited. Only a few attempts at direct contact are known from records. Several alleged Roman emissaries to China were recorded by ancient Chinese historians. The indirect exchange of goods along the Silk Road and sea routes included Chinese silk, Roman glassware (example pictured) and high-quality cloth. Roman coins minted since the 1st century AD have been found in China. A coin of Maximian and medallions from the reigns of Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius were found in Vietnam. Roman glasswares and silverwares have been discovered at Chinese archaeological sites dated to the Han period. Roman coins and glass beads have also been found in Japan. More

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