Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bill O'Reilly, Alex Jones, Milo, Rush, UC (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Bill O'Reilly; Stewie Griffin ("Family Guy," Seth MacFarlane); Howard Stern; The Daily Caller; AP; UPDATED

Fox News, facing too many sex lawsuits, fires Bill O'Reilly
Hot Chocolate must be so happy to see him go, but what about the others he harassed?

Bill and Roger didn't do nuthin wrong!
Fox News' parent company 21st Century Fox is cutting ties with [sexist and racist Republican blowhard] host Bill O'Reilly over the fallout from more sexual harassment allegations. The company released a statement today confirming that O'Reilly will not be returning to [i.e., was fired from] the network. The move came after reports that the network and O'Reilly paid millions [$13,000,000.00] of dollars to settle sexual harassment allegations.  The company says it made a "thorough and careful review of the allegations" before deciding to part ways with O'Reilly.  He hosted "The O'Reilly Factor" [which was making about 100 million in annual revenue from commercial sponsors] and had been at Fox News since 1996. More

Colbert character is based on Bill O'Reilly
(The Daily Caller) InfoWars’ Alex Jones [who is mercilessly ridiculed on Los Angeles radio station KROQ FM by voice actor Ralph Garmin on its popular morning drive “Kevin & Bean Show”] is just pretending when hosting his show, where he frequently espouses conspiracy theories and recently challenged actor Alec Baldwin to a fistfight. [He’s just like Stephen Colbert.] That’s what his lawyer, Randall Wilhite argued at a recent pretrial hearing, The Austin-American Statesman first reported. Jones is currently battling his Jewish ex-wife in court over custody of their children. His case will depend on convincing jurors that Alex Jones the InfoWars host is different from Alex Jones the person. “He’s playing a character,” Wilhite said, according to The Statesman. “He is a performance artist.” Jones’ wife argued that her husband -- who once pushed a theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a false flag event -- actually believes what he says. More

NAZI/Police state tactics at UC Berkeley: free speech until we tell you to shut up (AP)
Howard Stern ridicules harasser Bill O'Reilly
(Howard Stern) WARNING: Sirius profanities! Bill O'Reilly sexually harasses women.

Milo apologizes for gay, right-wing, child molestation and sexist remarks (AP)

Grizzled Spencer Pratt and post-surgery Heidi Montag in poorhouse after Mayan madness.
Ugh, don't get any saliva on me, Ted! I can smell their ****** from here, you cheater.
UC bans right-wing extremist Ann Coulter
In Trump We Trust by Ann Coulter...and proud of it (CIA or FBI's Washington Post)
Right wing students threaten to sue UC Berkeley unless it accepts Coulter (AP/
I'm proud of that ugly Fox News chick.
Sorry, Ms. Coulter, you can't come to the Free Speech Campus, home of Mario Salvio and the Free Speech Movement. You're too much of a hatemonger, racist, sexist, and a liability to this community of impressionable minds. Take your pro-Republican Fox News hate somewhere else. Orange County has room but, we're guessing, preaching to the choir doesn't carry the same thrill.

Ann's so beautiful...and such big balls! (MV)
UPDATE: Ann Coulter says f*** the University. She's coming anyway and will speak on campus whether the campus likes it or not. Will the police be called? Will they stand by as the College Republicans exercise their privilege. What are they going to do, arrest a rich white woman? UCB backs down, to welcome polarizing firebrand. Follow the saga:

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