Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tribes with SUPERNATURAL powers (video)

Unexplained Mysteries, Oct. 22, 2018; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Levitation is a supernormal power that Buddhists can develop by meditation.

Real supernormal powers in Buddhism
Wisdom Quarterly Wiki edit
In Buddhism supernatural or magical powers (Sanskrit siddhi and Pali iddhi) are special "psychic" abilities one can develop through meditation. There are six types of these supernormal powers (abhijñā) of the mundane plane attained by practicing four dhyānas, absorptions, deep concentrations, samadhis. The normal Sanskrit meaning of siddhi is "increase, growth, prosperity, success, fortune, wealth, abundance." In Buddhism these powers are neither unnatural nor super natural but very extraordinary and unusual. More

5 tribes believed to have real life superpowers
Here are five tribes who are believed to have real-life superpowers. Unexplained Mysteries takes a look at tribes that prove they have real-life superpowers. All across the world a variety of cultures, traditions, religions, and people create their own community. They excel as they develop within their social groups isolated from others.
  • 5. Kenyan tribe of the Rift Valley are best runners
  • 4. Underwater Indonesians can really hold their breath
  • 3. Buddhist Sherpas of the cold, high Himalayas
  • 2. Ecuadorans dwarves are free of cancer
  • 1. Buddhist Okinawans of Japan live longest
The Buddha performs miracle at...
This sense of community and family stands out most for tribes that rely on each other for survival and on special values and traditions they have kept since their conception. Is it a mystery that some, isolated from the world, set off on their path?

The general population declines while others develop new ways to tackle difficult problems. The mystery is that some of these developments baffle scientists and challenge what they used to believe was possible for humans. (Thanks to CO.AG for background music).

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