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Mysterious ruins that defy history (video)

Origins Explained, Oct. 11, 2018; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Top 9 most mysterious ruins that defy history
This Top 10 list of strange ancient artifacts of unexplained ruins are some of the most bizarre and mysterious discoveries ever made. 

9. Çatalhöyük, Turkey 
Built in what was once Mesopotamia, the city of Çatalhöyük, which now resides in Turkey, is easily one of the biggest mysteries of the ancient world, really ancient, it reached its heyday around 7000 BCE! This place makes ancient Rome look modern. These tightly clustered mud brick houses kind of look like honeycombs. 

8. Palenque, Mexico
Mexico is a land of many mysteries and lost people and cities. But easily the biggest civilization, with the biggest mystery surrounding them, are the Mayans. This tribe came from an unknown area, arrived in Mexico, and set up an empire that lasted over 3,000 years. Then they were gone. To this day, many still study the Mayans in order to find out more about them, and especially what happened to them. 

7. Cahokia, United States 
This one might come as a surprise. In the United States, there is an old city that used to be the biggest city in North America at one point in time. This was the city of Cahokia, a pre-Columbian Native American city. It was founded around the year 600 and lasted until the 14th century. You can still go there today. It's across from St. Louis on the other side of the Mississippi river. 

6. Derinkuyu, Turkey 
Turkey is home to another ancient, fascinating, and mysterious place: Derinkuyu. The concept of making underground cities may seem like something from fantasy television shows, or Fraggle Rock, but many cultures have made very grand underground cities. 

5. Yonaguni Monument, Japan 
Off of the coast of Japan, there is a place called Yonaguni Island, which was famous for hammerhead sharks. Now, people are more intrigued by some unnerving formations in the water that were found by a diver in 1987. The Yonaguni Monument is a series of rock formations that has the scientific world split as to whether this is a natural design or something made by humans. And it's a debate that continues on to this day. 

4. Machu Picchu, Peru 
Machu Picchu is arguably one of the most interesting and revealing places in the world. Why? Because it's through this city that we got to take a look inside the Incan Empire. This civilization ruled a lot of South America for quite some time, and their territory included Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and more. And yet, for a while, we didn't know that much about them, until we found Machu Picchu. 

3. Thonis, Egypt 
If you're big into history, then you knew that it was only a matter of time before Egypt showed up on this list. And as you know, it is home to many ruins and mysteries and the main topic of several videos. 

2. Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe 
Sticking with Africa, let's head to Zimbabwe, which holds one of the biggest mysteries of the continent. It's called Great Zimbabwe. Yeah, doesn't really sound mysterious. But don't let that fool you. There's more to this than you might think.

1. Pompeii, Italy 
There are many scary stories in history, but the story of Pompeii is one that we just can’t get over. This is the city that was built in the fertile valley near a volcano, Mt. Vesuvius. When it erupted, it caught people by surprise and buried the city in soot and ash and left it covered and perfectly preserved for hundreds of years. Now much of it has been uncovered, and it is a sad historical marvel, and many people were frozen in time forever. 

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