Sunday, May 5, 2019

History of a Mexican-American holiday (video)

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Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Myths
It's a celebration of Mexican culture like no other -- but how much of what we know about it is actually true? In this episode of Top 5 Myths, Mojo asks questions like, Is it Mexican Independence Day? Are sombreros the traditional dress? Is tequila the drink of choice for this fiesta? Should tacos be served at your party? Is Cinco de Mayo celebrated throughout Mexico? And more. Mojo is looking to dispel some misconceptions based on stereotypes and ignorance, so that no one ends up embarrassing him or herself.
History of a Mexican-American holiday (cartoon)

Do you know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 🇲🇽 Estrella ("Star") shares the history of Cinco de Mayo and how it encourages pride in Mexican-American (Chicanx) heritage. 🎊 Recommended for children 8-11 years old. Mira este episodio en español. 🚀 SmartKids provides fun learning. Happy 16th of September ("Mexican Fourth of July"), which is Mexican Independence Day!

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