Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Life as Play: Near Death Experience (video)

NDE Accounts: Afterlife Stories, 9/17/14; Ashley Wells, Crystal Q., Ananda, Wisdom Quarterly
How can you joke about death? Life is more serious. (Buddhist comics/Pinterest)
Rebirth/Samsara (Wheel of Life and Death) is the problem. Nirvana is the solution.

Life is a Stage Play: Near Death Experience
Rich Kelley, NDE Accounts, Afterlife Stories
Rich Kelley (richkelley.com) speaks of his near-death experience (NDE). It occurred at the age of 15 in a drowning incident. He was overcome with a profound sense of calmness. Peace came over him. Kelley goes in-depth about his thoughts on what our life is really about. Is it really just a stage play we create before we come to earth? Do we choose the cast and characters who play our parents, relationships, friends, enemies, family, teachers?

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