Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gender Bending Agenda? (video)

The Gender Bender Agenda 
Eric Dubay sitting in Buddhist Thailand
In the world today, there is an agenda well underway that is purposely subverting and transforming the family unit, creating sexual confusion and normalizing gender dysphoria while promoting and celebrating mental illness.

As will be shown, this Gender Bending Agenda has existed covertly for decades and in fact centuries, but recently due to its successes is now becoming more overt, obvious, and ostentatious to the point that celebrities such as Charlize Theron are openly, physically, and pharmaceutically [chemically] transgendering their children as young as 7 years old.

All over North America drag queens are setting up library story hours to passively push transgenderism on children, and through new school "cyber-bullying" initiatives, LGBTQ's with their army of outrage and pronouns are becoming part of elementary curricula.

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