Sunday, October 27, 2019

Pro-B Fresh: probiotics for good breath

Roger DeCampo (, 10/15/19); Crystal Q., Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

How to get sweet breath forever
What are Pro-B Fresh and K12 probiotic?
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Pro-B Fresh is a chewable pill packed with K12 probiotics. K12 reduces undesirable bacteria, stopping the root cause of unhealthy gums and bad breath.

They do more. They also boost our oral microbiome. Basically, our mouth has its own ecosystem, and this boosts all the good bacteria in our mouths while eliminating bad bacteria. All of this ties into the body, as a whole. In fact, research shows that Pro-B Fresh can strengthen the immune system in 24 hours.

Why does Pro-B Fresh work better than other “breath fresheners”?
Pro-B Fresh boosts good bacteria in the mouth. Compare this to mouthwash, which tries to eliminate all bacteria, even the beneficial kinds. Mouthwash is like using a nuke to take out a small band of renegades.

That’s why Pro-B Fresh works so well. It boosts the “good soldiers” in the mouth, which crowds out odor-causing bacteria. It freshens breath at its root.

Over 10 million bottles sold since its debut
Dad, your breath. - C'mon, Ivan!
Because K12 probiotics were only discovered recently, most people don’t know what they are. That’s changing quickly. It’s being picked up more and more in the mainstream media.

In fact, ever since probiotics were featured on TV, Pro-B Fresh has been selling out worldwide. Ten million sold so far. But is it really worth all the hype?

Since its debut Pro-B Fresh stocks have been in a state of constant flux, shifting between being in stock to being sold out nearly every other week. It’s also amassed tons of loyal followers — worldwide. More

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