Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Travel: Lost Horizon to Shangri-La (video)

Pakistan: The Road to Shangri-La
Lost Horizon the book, 1933
This is a utopian mystery documentary about a lost horizon. Legend tells of a utopian Buddhist kingdom hidden among the towering mountains of inner Asia [Central Asia] -- a paradise on Earth yet a place apart, a place of spiritual contentment and long life, a place that’s become known in the West as "Shangri-La."

For centuries, romantics, adventurers, and the devout risked their lives searching for this mythical heaven on Earth [rarely suspecting that it was underneath their feet in our Hollow Earth and its many levels spoken of in the Vedas since before that advent of the historical Buddha].

Lost Horizon the movie, 1937
Many perished in the quest. Those who returned told of a journey through hostile lands, of crossing treacherous mountain passes and desert gorges, in their search for a valley where people live for hundreds of years.

To this day its whereabouts remains a mystery. Host David Adams goes in search of "Shangri-La" -- as described in the famous Western novel Lost Horizon -- in the icy valleys of the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountains in Far North Pakistan, which was part of India until Partition in 1947.
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