Tuesday, October 29, 2019

BBC: "The Power of Meditation" (video)

BBC.com via Best Documentaries, 8/27/16; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

This BBC documentary explores a variety of meditation practices. It includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or "invisible life force" (chi, qi, ki, prana), develop concentration, compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

A particularly ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity.

"Through meditation [I] found the ability to start a new career, reconnect with old friends, and start living my life to the fullest. In short, I rebuilt my life from the bottom up. Today, just 12 years later, I'm completely fulfilled. I love what I do professionally, I have the most wonderful family and friends around me, and I feel grateful for everyday I live. For so many years I was miserable when I had all the gifts life could bestow. It took what I thought at the time was a death sentence for me to wake up and start living. I knew these 'secrets' I had uncovered could help anyone live an extraordinary life, but imagine my shock when I learned how many rich, successful, and famous people had used the EXACT same process to achieve all that he had achieved...." - Jason Stephenson

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