Monday, October 14, 2019

Burn, baby, don't burn! CA fires (video)

ABC News; Amber Larson and Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; John D. Ireland (

Multiple fires break out across California
It's October 11, 2019 and ABC News’ Matt Gutman is reporting from wealthy (gas leaking) Porter Ranch, California, in the world's most famous suburban Valley, where fast-moving wildfires are shutting down highways and destroying homes.More:

SUTRA: Three Fires
Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly, from Itivuttaka: "The Buddha’s Sayings," The Book of the Threes (93) based on John D. Ireland translation (
Earliest depictions of the Buddha: Gandhara
[This can't be what the Buddha meant. There's a worse fire a'brewing. But let's ignore that because, look, my house is on fire! OMG, everything's burning, the ALL is aflame! Why are we surprised? This is the Sensual Sphere or Kama Loka, the realm of the senses and sex, the sunny South Land. Welcome to California; now go home. No fornication allowed; there's already a wild fire. Let us now give ear to the Enlightened One.]

This was said by the Teacher (the Buddha)… “Meditators, there are three fires. What three? There is the [scalding] fire of lust, the [smoldering] fire of hate, and the [smoky] fire of delusion. Meditators, these are the three fires.”

The fire of lust burns the sensual
Infatuated with sense pleasure
The fire of hate burns the malevolent
Who harm and kill living beings

The fire of delusion burns the bewildered
Ignorant of the ennobling (enlightening) Dharma
Being unaware of these three fires
Humans delight in continued becoming

Ensnared by Māra's [four] bonds
They swell the ranks of infernal realms
Rebirth in the animal sphere
Titan-demons the realm of [hungry] ghosts

But those engaged in practicing
The Awakened Teachings day and night
Ever perceiving this body’s foul aspects
Soon extinguish the fire of lust

The best of humans by loving-kindness
Cool the fire of hate
And they put out the fire of delusion
By wisdom that leads to [direct] penetration

Having extinguished these fires
Unwearied night and day
The wise ones attain nirvana
And thereby overcome all suffering
Noble (enlightened) seers masters of knowledge
Wise ones of perfected understanding
By directly knowing the end of rebirth
Come no more to any renewal of becoming

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