Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mexico hit by eerily massive earthquake

N.K.G. Mendis; Ven. Karunananda; Wisdom Quarterly

Major 7.6 earthquake shakes Mexico A strong temblor (later said to be 7.4) on the Pacific coast sends buildings swaying as far away as Mexico City. Indonesia is hit by a 6.2 quake (no tsunami). A tornado hits Texas. And the Southern US is being slammed by storms.
Who causes earthquakes? "Uh, shouldn't that be what causes earthquakes?" You would think. But we already know that. The Buddha long ago gave eight reasons for the trembling of the Earth. Then as now technology existed that was so advanced that it could modify weather, alter the seasons, and even shake the world to its core (the other world within the globe we live on the surface of).

"Wait, it's too much! Are you telling me that we can modify the weather and, say, cause it to rain? Impossible! Why would we ever have droughts?"

Well, for one thing, many nations, entities, and let's call them principalities have such technology. They compete. One attacks the other with them. The US used them in Vietnam before it resorted to Agent Orange, Napalm, or what was essentially jellied gasoline used as an environmentally toxic defoliant, which is still causing higher cancer rates there after all these years.

() HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program) is used for weather modification, mind control, and as an SDI (Star Wars Defense Initiative) weapon of the US and the larger MIC (military-industrial complex). It is is capable of creating hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and mood shifts.

The US/MIC would sometimes cause nine feet of rain in an hour, an unheard of outpouring over the jungle. It is as if they were akasha devas ("sky gods" of lore) manipulating things only "God" or natural forces (five natural laws in Buddhist Abhidharma called the five niyamas) are thought to control.

  1. Physical inorganic law (utu-niyama) governs impersonal processes working through variations in temperature to bring about changes in the body and the outer world. In the body it governs decay and illness, in the outer world wind and rain, the regular sequence of seasons, differences of climate, and so on.
  2. Physical organic law (bija-niyama) operates in both the animal and vegetable kingdoms to account for heredity, genetics, and the tendency of like to beget like.
  3. Law of karma (kamma-niyama) is the regular (predictable, lawful) results of volitional action -- whether bodily, verbal, or strictly mental -- producing results appropriate to themselves. There are no "rewards" or "punishments" meted out by some overseer but an inherent consequence in actions themselves with wholesome ones coming to fruition in pleasing, welcome, profitable ways and unwholesome ones ripening in unhappiness.
  4. Law of mind (citta-niyama) governs the order of consciousness and mental/heart processes and also makes possible such feats as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the conscious recollection of past lives.
  5. Law of dharma (dhamma-niyama) accounts for the phenomena that occur at the last birth of a bodhisattva (a being "bent on full enlightenment") and also events during the life and at the passing of buddhas.

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