Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Occupy: "What Would Jello Do?" (video)

Jello Biafra; Occupy Movement; Wisdom Quarterly
() What Occupy Wall Street Should Do

Starting with Occupy Wall Street, punk icon Jello Biafra moves from a maximum wage to the Tea Party to UK Uncut to former Senator Hollings to taxing the rich to the Green Party and beyond! One day his insight and seasoned wisdom will get the attention it merits. He is important for his integrity, music, and positions on important social issues -- even having run for political office -- that we find ourselves asking from time to time, What would Jello do?

Censorship Then and Now
“The word is out on the teenage sex thing. It will be quite difficult to get the toothpaste back into the tube. I don’t think Mrs. Gore is going to be the one to do it. And I think she should give up trying for everybody’s sake” – Christopher Hitchens, March 14, 1988.

() Dead Kennedys' frontman, Jello Biafra, stands up to Tipper Gore (former VP Gore's wife) on an ancient episode of the now defunct "Oprah Show." Oprah used to be a famous voice on afternoon TV who vanished into the oblivion of her OWN network with her billion-dollar fortune and mild case of megalomania. Does Tipper's behavior make her a hypocrite? While Mr. Gore may or may not be good for the environment (having left out the Number One source of greenhouse gases from meat production and slaughter in "An Inconvenient Truth"), Tipper's PRMC tried to ruin music to save it.

() Jello Biafra with the Dead Kennedys

"When You Get Drafted"
Are you believing the morning papers?
War is coming back in style.
There's generals here, advisers there,
And Russians nibbling everywhere.
The chessboard's filling up with red.
We make more profits when we blow off their heads.

Economy is looking bad.
Let's start another war / when ya get drafted
Fan the fires of racist hatred.
We want total war / when ya get drafted

Drooling fingers, panic buttons
Playing with missiles like they're toys
There's easy money, easy jobs
Especially when you build the bombs
That blow big cities off the map
Just guess who profits when we build 'em back up?

Yeah, what Big Business wants Big Business gets,
It wants a war! / when ya get drafted
Trilateral Commission goonies
Laugh and scheme for more

Call the Army! Call the Navy! / when ya get drafted
Stocked with kids from slums
If you can't afford a slick attorney
We might make you a spy.

Forget your demonstrations.
Kids today sit on their ass / when ya get drafted
Just a six-pack and you're happy.
We're prepared for when ya get drafted.

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