Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saving Forests opposed by FBI (trailer)

and Darryl Cherney, KPFK.org; Wisdom Quarterly
"Who Bombed Judi Bari?" (judibari.org). See the movie free with the makers when it comes to the Laemmle Monica Fourplex during a one night special screening.

Who bombed Judi Bari? This suspenseful story is about environmental activists, ordinary people who love nature, who risked their lives to save the California redwoods.
  • LISTEN (PLAY/download): "Who bombed Judi Bari?" is a new documentary about two environmental activists targeted the FBI that will soon be screened FREE at Laemmle's in Santa Monica (Sojourner Truth).

They took on the FBI for trampling their freedom of speech. This documentary shines a light on an amazing protest movement that succeeded against all odds -- with creativity, music, and humor -- but not before the police state went extremely lawless.

In 1990, a bomb blew up in the car of two of the most prominent Earth First! redwood activists, Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney. They were then accused, some say "framed," of bombing themselves. But 12 years later they won their landmark lawsuit against the FBI, proving that officers falsified evidence and intentionally tried to frame them. Yet the real bomber(s) has never even been searched for and remains at large.

Directed by Mary Liz Thomson, produced by Darryl Cherney; Executive Producer Elyse Katz, Co-Executive Producer Sheila Laffey, Co-Executive Producers Bill, Laurie Benenson.

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