Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LA's new "Esoteric" Buddhism

Wisdom Quarterly; Dari Rulai Temple, La Puente, Los Angeles County
Vice Abbottess Charlotte Steen, Dari Rulai Temple booth, 2011 LinkConscious Life Expo Los Angeles (Wisdom Quarterly)

Tired of the same old Buddhism? We cannot imagine. But it must happen. Nichiren Buddhists tire of chanting Nam myoho renge kyo with craving or traces of material and sensual greed in their heart. Mahayana devotion (Mary worship) with holdover attitudes from Chinese communist culture is stiff.

Zen is senseless with free-for-all smugness going nowhere then being told that's the point. Theravada monasticism with the Psychologese of vipassana (insight meditation) and just a sampling of metta (loving-kindness practice) is old.

Then there's the popular but impenetrable pageantry and secrecy of Vajrayana: Tibetan Bon magic and Mahayana with pre-Catholic rituals and bishops (lamas and rinpoches) with cool "Free Tibet" protests. Tantra. Mantra (Paritta). MakeYourOwnYana.

All exist in the US as well as cultural variations from lesser known Buddhist lands and traditions: Afghanistan, Ladakh, Sri Lanka, Kalmykia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Korea, Japan, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Russia, Siberia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Iran, Pakistan, and India.

Well if no tradition is appealing, there is now another choice -- Esoteric Buddhism. Wisdom Quarterly met a beautiful priestess dressed in Tibetanish-Chinesey robes at a temple booth at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo and Long Beach Health Freedom Expo and asked her about it.

Dari Rulai Temple
She invited us (and everyone interested) to attend her weekly Dharma talks on Saturday mornings from 9:15 to 9:45 am. Each week features a different topic on basic concepts of foundational Buddhist knowledge.
  • Tap into the remarkable healing powers of the mind using meditation practices developed by enlightened Buddhist masters: Esoteric Buddhism has a variety of very powerful tools and techniques for self-healing and self-transformation. Practicing these techniques purifies karma, calms body and mind, and attain higher levels of consciousness. Discover how these timeless teachings can transform ignorance and suffering into wisdom, happiness, and supernormal bliss. Vice Abbottess Charlotte Steen is a disciple of Golden Crown Dharma King Living Buddha Dechan Jueren and a practitioner of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism (2011 Expo).
It is a laid back and fun activity open to all. On March 24th Paul Kendall will host with a basic presentation on The Six Paths of Transmigration [the belief that something, a "soul," migrates from life to life evolving along the way].

The event is also open to anyone wishing to attend at a distance! Dari Rulai will open a Skype conference call (darirulaitemple) and phone teleconference lines (712) 432-3066 (conference code: 409-847). Dial in about 5 minutes before the talk begins.
  • Questions? Contact Paul Kendall (626) 841-2059.
  • Class, workshop, event info: Dari Rulai Temple
  • Dari Rulai NEWSLETTER Archive
  • Wisdom Dew Beauty Yoga Dharma & Balance Weight Dharma Workshop: Give yourself the gift of radiant beauty and a healthy body! Wisdom Dew Beauty Yoga and Balance Weight Dharmas can both increase radiance and health on a physical level as well as working on a profound spiritual level. No previous meditation experience necessary. More details and to register: (626) 330-0921.

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