Monday, March 12, 2012

World War 3, WW III, in the making (video)

(video); Ashley Wells and Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
The geopolitical "Middle East" is in turmoil, just as planned and predicted.

A year ago (March 2012) a seeker of truth could see the writing on the wall map. Uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan (next to Saudi Arabia), Syria, Bahrain, and less reported sites all point to the beginning of World War III.

There will come a war so big that few countries will be able to remain neutral. World Wars I and II only involved a few industrial nations but swallowed the entire planet in violence, chaos, and stock market speculations that enriched the few at the expense of the many.

() Jewish manipulation of the mainstream media makes it seem as if
Palestinians are the belligerents as the Israeli military begins air strikes
on a captive, almost defenseless civilian minority Tel Aviv calls terrorists.

Israel is currently bombing the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as well as Iran. Conservative hawk PM Netanyahu and puppet would-be dictator Pres. Obama are in complete agreement, differing on a single detail -- timing. B.S. Obama would prefer to not have another war derail his reelection; Netanyahu could hardly care less about that because whomever is selected to office, the US position in relation to Israel remains the same. Only appearances and mainstream media narratives change.

"You know, birthday boy Willard "Mittens" Romney wouldn't ask me to delay," "Yeah, so?" "I'm just sayin.' " "Sayin' what?" "I'm holding up three fingers; read between the lines, that's what." (

What reason could motivate it other than to provoke the Muslim world? The US and Israel, acting on behalf of the military-industrial complex more than its titular elected heads of state, are covertly bombing Iran, sending in unmanned drones, and committing war crimes with targeted preemptive assassinations. The Iranians may take down drones but they cannot prevent each strike until the camel's back is broken and the Straits of Hormuz close down.

Why do extraterrestrial (titans, reptilians, asuras, nagas, and greys) instigators keep to ancient prophecies fighting for the same sites, along lei lines with ancient buildings, and underground installations? They have longer lifespans and much better memories. So decoding Vedic, Sumerian, Judeo-Christian, and Egyptian texts can be fruitful for peering into the future.

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