Monday, March 26, 2012

"Praying" for Peace

Ashley Wells and Kalyani, Wisdom Quarterly
A blessing for all (Thomas Won/

Today I prayed for peace. (I did not ask someone to provide it.) I set my intention to give it, to embody it, to be it. And all the world around me suddenly became it. It helps that I have concentration and absorb in an instant. Not having been, it came to be. When this was, that came to be. With an intention, my vibration. With my vibration, a reaction. If just a few others set that, embodied that, and held it, nonpeace would stop making sense. War is the absence of reason, a self-defeating exercise of money making. The sides do not make money; they both lose. The instigators make the money. Today I prayed for peace; I became it. Devotion is that way. And the world became far more peaceful.

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