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Investigation: LSD cures Alcoholism? (video)

Dev goes into the Hood (Westside!) for a Wisdom Quarterly INVESTIGATION
WARNING: Vulgar street language throughout video and article with gratuitous references to dookie and un-medically supervised drug use.

LOS ANGELES, California - I was straight trippin with my main man, Og, a knuckle dragger from around the way, not to be confused with Gog or his homey Magog.

And I'm like "G, did you hear that trippin on acid can cure alcoholism?" He look at me all like, "Girl, you trippin right now!"

And I go, "Naw, Dawg, straight up!" Of course, he wanted to see the clinical evidence. So I'm all like, "I ain't got that sh-t! But give it up to your girl for the narrative details, hizzy:

"Ya see, it turns out these studies were laid down like, I don't even know, years ago. But the lab coats are all like, 'I ain't riskin my rep on this hippie huh-hizzy, hell no! I gots like a family to feed and what not.'" But somebody pulled top gun and cranked out a meta analysis or sumthin.

They put together a new analysis of older studies and saw at least a correlation establishing a link. Exposure to certain levels of lysergic dimethylamide (blaze) in randomized controlled studies led to a reduction in alcohol cravings."

"Trip out!" Og exclaimed then blew my mind by telling me his own story:

Below: Peace Buddha (Papercraftsbyk/

"That study doesn’t really surprise me one bit. I finally got sober for good after trippin my b-lls off on shrooms in the middle of a hardcore coke [I'm pretty sure he meant Coca-Cola] and booze bender in diddy-town.

"I left so demoralized and beaten BUT with the clear insight that I could no longer keep using anything that took me out of the present moment. [It was] an unshakable insight."

Bam, the mo-fo was cured! That sh-t's real, dog, backed up by compassionate Canadian caregiver Dr. Gabor Mate, da bling in "Zeitgeist 3: Moving Forward." [He makes the case most powerfully in his Buddhist-inspired book on addiction, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, and more recent talks on capitalism, childhood, and addictive personalities.]

Dr. Mate on childhood trauma (stressful environment), addiction, and brain development

The doc says the Native Americans had all kinds of hallucinogenic plants [entheogens] and after the Spanish even some kinds of alcohol. But they weren't addicts. Addiction is a function of capitalism. Naw, for real.
Psychedelic plant products like iboga, ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote, mescaline, harmaline, cactuses, datura, and others -- while toxic and NOT recommended for uninitiated or recreational use -- do not lead to addiction. They cure it.

Plant helpers, bhumi devas, spirits attached to plants, like dryads, help: They facilitate the life-review, reset receptors, and disrupt harmful patterns that sometimes extend even to past lives.

Native kids did not sneak away from the teepee to smoke out or go on Vision Quests. They did it in ceremony under a shaman, as a rite of passage, with the purpose of expanding consciousness not of obliterating it, as Dr. Mate warns we all too often do in the West.

The iboga cure for addiction offered at a Canadian clinic

Mainstream Media Report
HealthLine via Yahoo Health
In a truly mind-bending acid flashback, a new study reports that LSD could help alcoholics kick their addiction.

Based on of six randomized controlled trials from the 1960s and 70s, and published in The Journal of Psychopharmacology, researchers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Harvard University found that a single dose of the hallucinogen “had a significant beneficial effect on alcohol misuse” for up to 12 months.

Dropping acid on a one-time basis also “compares favorably” with the effectiveness of such daily treatments for alcoholism as the FDA-approved addiction-fighting drugs [toxic pharmaceuticals] naltrexone and acamporosate, the researchers report. Overall, 59 percent of the 536 study participants treated with a single dose of the psychedelic drug showed improvement in their alcohol habits, compared to 38 percent of those who didn’t take LSD.

Why would a hallucinogenic drug help?

The researchers point out that,“LSD is well-known for inducing spectacular and profound effects on the mind,”and “can help prevent a relapse of alcohol abuse…by eliciting insights into behavioral problems and generating motivation to build a meaningful and sober lifestyle.” More

Straight up what I was tellin Og. And we're talkin the pachucos at Harvard, eh. No tellin what else they found. Like seeing alien greys on DMT or communicating with plants or li'l green eses. Lotsa studies on PK and anomalies sh-t at Princeton found ESP in controlled scientific setting.

But those vatos ain't touching that with a ten-inch pole. No way, man. Scientifically establishing the supernatural is gettin 'em in enough trouble. But it's there; they talk about it amongst themselves, when they're shootin the sh-t, and at conferences with hip audiences.

F'rinstance, studying "remote viewing" then suddenly creepy crawlies start goin on around the lab. It happens all the time, ese, all the time. The pineal gland is like that.

Humans are capable of so much more than they ("The Man," the establishment censors, the consensus reality filterers), tell us. Keepin us down, keepin us away from da whole truth. Maybe we can't handle that truth. But who are they to decide for me?


WE DO NOT RECOMMEND any pharmaceutical drug, even pharmaceutical-grade acid. Synthetics are by nature harmful and detrimental to the healing process.

Acid (LSD) is a fungus that grows on rye grain. And unless it is sourced naturally from there, it should be avoided. Natural cures come from nature. They are not synthesized and made into "bio-identical" petrochemicals stripped of co-factors.

Want a quick cure in addition to recovery?

Try iboga (not the derivative chemical ibogaine) in ritual use as a plant and plant-spirit product under the care of an experienced traditional medicine person. They can be found in Brazil, Africa, Asia, even in Tijuana.

If some mushrooms can cure, it is not the chemicals found in these plant pharmacies responsible for curing. It is the intelligent energy integrated in living systems manifesting in plants.

As Og and iboga patients soon learn, it is INSIGHT that liberates one from bad habits. Such insights are accessible through meditation. It is no magic pill, but the results last a lifetime -- when the real work of recovery is added.

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