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50th Anniversary: Who shot JFK?

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Seven, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Roger Stone (,, John B. Wells (, 11-16-13)
On the anniversary of a government assassination, author Roger Stone makes a case.
Roger Stone (
Mystery finally solved. Author Roger Stone combines decades of insider political knowledge with cutting edge JFK assassination research to arrive at a startling conclusion, the same conclusion the Russian KGB previously arrived at: Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson arranged the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963.

Coast to Coast radio co-host John B. Wells talked to Stone to lay out the case that future-president Lyndon B. Johnson manipulated the situation in Dallas to have JFK killed. He even sent in his own gunman (Malcolm Wallace), arranging for him to be on the sixth floor of the book depository.

ANNIE HALL: Funny Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) uses the Single Bullet Theory and JFK "conspiracy" as an obsessive excuse to avoid intimacy with his first wife.
In his book The Man Who Killed Kennedy, Stone describes LBJ as an amoral psycho who was coarse, corrupt, ruthless, greedy, dishonest, crude, and vicious. He was being indicted on the same day as the assassination and would have been formally charged and potentially imprisoned had he not ascended to the presidency that fateful day.

LBJ routinely abused people and was known to conduct meetings from the toilet to humiliate his Ivy League staffers, which he inherited from JFK. According to Stone, LBJ can be tied to at least eight murders, including one to cover-up the voter fraud that led to his first election victory.
Chaotic scene that once terrorized a nation as badly as 9/11 footage haunts citizens now
LBJ: for banks, war profits, revenge...
JFK's brother Robert Kennedy hated LBJ and did not want him on the presidential ticket with his brother, Stone explains, adding that JFK had already selected and asked Stuart Symington to be his running mate. 

But LBJ visited JFK late one night to blackmail him threatening to release a dossier on his sexual exploits (given to him by his neighbor FBI head J. Edgar Hoover) if he did not put him on the ticket, Stone reveals. 
Stone further connects LBJ to numerous criminals and nefarious dealings that were sure to eventually land him in jail. "The only way for him to stay out of prison was to become president himself," Stone says.
(RT/Breaking the Set) Abby Martin speaks with former Nixon White House
advisor and self-proclaimed "GOP Hitman" Roger Stone about his book

Oswald's girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker explains why
LBJ used his political power to hide secret CIA programs in the aerospace budget, control military contracts, get Mob (Mafia) payoffs to protect illegal gambling operations in Texas, and look out for large oil interests in his home state, Stone explained. LBJ basically had a unique relationship with every party involved in the plot to kill JFK.

According to Stone, LBJ vacationed with mob boss Carlos Marcello at a resort owned by Texas oil man Clint Murchison, Sr., who hated JFK because he was trying to repeal a giant tax giveaway known as the Oil Depletion Allowance. One of the triggermen was LBJ's right hand man.

Stone also points out that US Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, JFK's father and a former gangster, had blackmailed mob bosses Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante, and others for money and support of his son in the election, threatening that if they did not help they would face deportation. 

Baker lives in constant fear of assassination
But LBJ is the linchpin of the plot to kill JFK: He controlled Dallas and urged JFK go there and to take the exact route he took, which violated Secret Service safety protocols, in that a 120 degree turn was involved. Texas governor and LBJ protégé John Connally nevertheless insisted JFK go through Dealey Plaza. 
Stone believes that there were multiple shooters used that day, including one on the grassy knoll, as JFK was shot from the front and back. He credits Malcolm "Mac" Wallace, a Marine marksman LBJ used to kill several people, with shooting JFK from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. His fingerprint was recovered from his sniper's nest.

The fingerprint evidence and an eyewitness place Wallace at the scene of the crime, Stone explains, adding that patsy Lee Harvey Oswald's prints were planted there. The gun Oswald is said to have used could not possibly have been used in the commission of this act due to its limitations, the time it takes to fire off two consecutive shots, and Oswald's marksmanship.
It has been proven that the Marines' best marksman could not make the shot today with such a weapon nor cock and fire off as many shots as Oswald is said to have discharged. All of this is detailed and documented in Stone's book The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.

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