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Mystic planets and brain frequencies (audio)

Wisdom Quarterly; David Sereda (;
Egyptian Pyramid and Sphinx, wonders of the world from amazing Africa (
(David Sereda) original fundraising trailer for David Sereda's new film, "Quantum Pyramid"

Meditator David Sereda, Sedona
Mystic, scientist, ecologist, filmmaker David Sereda experimented with frequencies -- the universal language of the universe -- and their relation to human brainwaves.

Our coils of DNA act as transponders (coil transmitter-receivers, electronic inductors) tuning into frequencies of the planets in the solar system.

The nine planets emit unique frequencies, transmitting waves our DNA can tune into when acting as a receiver. These waves are the frequencies they are in most of the time, particularly in deep meditation (theta, alpha, delta, beta, etc.) Sereda moved from a subjective experience of this to objective measures by developing simple tuning technology. This led him to the realization that the pyramids, found everywhere around the planet, amplify the effect enabling transport and communication between realms.

Who is there? Devas ("shining ones"), tall luminous humanoid beings! As difficult as it is to believe, many of the world's mythologies and pantheons correspond to reality. And now anyone can experience quantum communication with the planets, their subtle form inhabitants, and distant star systems like the Pleiades.
Live from Sedona, Arizona: meditation, space sciences, mystical experiences, math,
body healing, frequency coding, brainwave mapping, bliss, out of body experiences,
meeting teachers, finding portals, space travel, compassion for Earth and environment.
It all began in Berkeley, California (David Sereda, Coast to Coast AM, Nov. 13, 2013)

Sereda's technology also has the ability to heal, offering a potential solution to the problem created by the worsening Fukushima nuclear disaster. By facilitating astral and, with the aid of giant pyramids, physical projection, there is no need for discussion and theorizing. The process is experiential and replicable. Sereda has himself traveled and communicated with Jupiter, by tuning into its exact frequency.

Reverse engineering technology (altoego)
There he encountered eight-foot tall beings with lightning bolts flashing between their chests. (Imagine Thor the God of Thunder's planet in the original Marvel movie). Calculating electromagnetic frequencies has been the key. NASA already does this very accurately.

Studying the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, as measured in Egyptian inches, Sereda determined that it acts as an enormous crystal oscillator, serving as a stargate which the priests and priestesses of old utilized for interplanetary communication and travel. The "gods" of the hieroglyphs (just like those of the ancient Greeks and Romans) are real and made visible with this technology.

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