Saturday, November 16, 2013

Walking meditation (sutra)

Dhr. Seven and Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly translation; "Discourse on Walking" (Cankama Sutta, AN 5.29); video by Ven. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu (
(YB) Third of six in a series on HOW TO practice meditation demonstrating the simple technique of Buddhist walking meditation (candama) free of dogma and mumbo-jumbo.
Meditators, these are the five benefits for one who practices walking meditation. What are the five?
  1. One can endure travel by foot.
  2. One can endure exertion.
  3. One is freed of disease.
  4. One, whatever one has eaten or drunk, chewed and savored, gains good digestion.
  5. One enters concentration while practicing walking meditation, which lasts for a long time.
These are the five benefits for one who practices walking meditation.

Easy instructions 
Living room Neue Errungenschaft (GretasWorld)
VIDEO: Walking meditation with Gil Fronsdal 
There are four postures for "meditation" (development, cultivation): sitting, walking, standing, and lying down. This Dharma talk was given by Gil Fronsdal at the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) in Redwood City, California. Each talk -- also given by Andrea Fella and guest speakers -- illuminates aspects of the Buddha's teachings or "Dharma." The purpose is what the Buddha had in mind for his teachings, namely, to guide us toward the complete end of suffering and attainment of complete freedom (nirvana).

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