Friday, November 22, 2013

"We Are Miracles" HBO (Sarah Silverman)

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Sarah Silverman's - We Are Miracles HBO Special (Sarah Silverman) airs on Saturday, Nov. 23, 10:00 pm on HBO, or watch it on HBO GO. See the promo. Silverman is America's funniest, most incisive and satirical comedienne.

Serving up Divine Comedy
( Sarah Silverman is funny -- sweet, bawdy, innocent, outrageous, Emmy-winning, milk-through-your-nose funny. And her new comedy special, We are Miracles, debuts tonight on HBO. Performing in front of a live audience [of 39], the comedian takes on religion, pornography, childhood, politics, and stereotypes, and no one's left standing. (No really: One punchline involves Hitler being assigned "Heil Marys" as penance). Silverman tells NPR's Scott Simon that she thinks good comedy comes from "some kind of childhood humiliation or darkness." And yes, she says, lots of jokes just don't work at first. More

WARNING: Offensive, full-length satire! Ironic racism, sexism!
Profanity! Vulgar adult themes! Movie: "Jesus is Magic"

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